Try these dietary combinations to decrease your cholesterol 

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As bad food options progressively take over our everyday meals, high cholesterol has become an urgent worry in our fast-paced lifestyles. Regular junk food consumption can result in a number of health problems, including elevated cholesterol. Prioritising our heart health by adopting the diet that specialists advise is crucial.

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High cholesterol can be prevented and managed with a nutritious diet, consistent exercise, an appropriate body weight, and a healthy lifestyle. Lets discuss the food combinations which are helpful in lowering cholesterol.

Heart health is seriously threatened by high cholesterol levels, particularly higher LDL or “bad” cholesterol, which also considerably increases the risk of developing cardiovascular illnesses. In the arteries, LDL cholesterol tends to build up and form plaques, which can cause the blood vessels to constrict and harden. This narrowing gradually reduces blood flow and oxygen delivery to the heart, resulting in a number of cardiovascular diseases such heart attacks, strokes, and coronary artery disease.

Given its role in removing extra cholesterol from the bloodstream, HDL cholesterol is sometimes referred to as “good” cholesterol. Contrarily, LDL cholesterol is referred to be “bad” cholesterol since excessive levels might contribute to the formation of arterial plaque.

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A diet that is heart-healthy should include foods that are high in fibre, low in saturated and trans fats, and contain nutrients that are excellent for your heart. You may be able to manage your cholesterol levels as a result. These foods may reduce LDL cholesterol levels and improve overall heart health.

Food you can consume to lower cholesterol levels

1. light food like dal chawal-In addition to offering necessary minerals, the well-known Indian staple dal chawal also makes for a satisfying supper. While white rice is frequently chosen for this dish, people with high cholesterol levels may choose to substitute brown rice instead. Brown rice is a better option because the oil in it has been shown to lower harmful cholesterol levels.

2. Yoghurt and Almonds-Frequently eaten individually, yoghurt and almonds are both nutritious powerhouses. The benefits they provide for decreasing cholesterol levels are astounding when combined, though. Given that yoghurt has probiotics and almonds are low in saturated fatty acids, these two foods make an excellent cholesterol-lowering combination. For a delicious and healthy treat to start your day, top a cup of yoghurt with some almonds.

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3. Lemon and green tea-The ability of green tea to lower cholesterol gives it still another benefit beyond its reputation as a weight reduction aid. Green tea, which is high in antioxidants, has substantial cholesterol-lowering qualities. You only need to add a few drops of lemon juice to boost its benefits. Lemon juice’s capacity to lower cholesterol is further enhanced by the flavonoids that are found in it. Take a sip of this cooling tea however you want it—hot or cold.

4. Turmeric and black pepper-With its anti-inflammatory effects, turmeric, a traditional ingredient in Indian cuisine, can help lower cholesterol levels. Together, these spices make a potent pair, especially when combined with black pepper, which naturally includes piperine, a substance recognised for its ability to lower cholesterol. Take advantage of their cholesterol-lowering properties by adding them to your sabzis, dals, and soups.

You can successfully lower your cholesterol levels by include these meal combinations in your diet. Put your health and wellbeing first with these tempting food options. Be healthy and fit!

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