Vastu Plants -Bring These 8 Plants at your Home to attract prosperity and Good Health

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Plants play an essential role in bringing positivity at your home and sucking away all the negativity. Some plants bring the best of green lifestyle and detoxify our surroundings. According to vastu choosing the right plant is very equally important along with placing it in the right direction. There are some lucky plants you can keep at your home to attract prosperity and good health. Let’s discuss some plants which are best as per vastu.

1. Money Plant- Money plant is best fortune bringing plant which you can place at your home. According to vastu money plant should be placed south east direction of the living room and hall will shower prosperity on you. It is one of the best air purifying house plant you can keep at your home.

2. Tulsi- Tulsi is considered as the queen of herbs and it is a sacred plant as well. This sacred and auspicious plant should be placed in north east, north or east direction. It is a medicinal plant as well as it removes toxins from our body and detoxifies it

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3. Neem Tree- Neem tree at home creates healthy environment. According to vastu neem tree should be placed in the North West corner of the house. If the air flows through the neem tree in the master bedroom it brings good health to the family. Place it in balcony or an open window.

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4. Lucky Bamboo plant- lucky bamboo plant is one of the best and auspicious plant to be kept at your home. It promotes Health, wealth, and prosperity in your house. Choose the green bamboo leaves as they are fresh and healthy. Place the Bamboo plant in the east corner of your home or south east

5. Citrus Plant-Citrus plants are known for bringing good luck and happiness. Citrus plants are known as Buddha’s hands are considered so lucky to kept at your home. According to vastu citrus plants brings good and happy atmosphere. Place it in south for the optimum benefit of the plant.

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6. Aloe Vera – This plant is best for attracting positive energy and full of health benefits. It is purifying plant and having medicinal qualities to cure burns, inflammation, skin irritation, digestive problems and constipation. According to vastu keep Aloe Vera plant at north or east direction.

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7. Banana Tree- Banana tree is holy tree as well as brings good health. Banana trees are worshipped in all over India. Banana tree is associated with Lord Vishnu and worshipped on Thursdays place banana tree in the north east direction of the house to attract blessings to your home.

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8 Jade Plant- Jade plant attracts money and purifies air. it is type of beautiful money plant with round coin leaves. It brings good fortune prosperity and happiness to your home. Southeast direction is best to keep jade plant at your home.

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