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It’s easier than you thought.

How to apply online for voter id?

The online enrollment procedure of a new Voter ID is exceptionally simple. You just need to visit the Election Commission of India (ECI) website. The site has all that you would need to know about the voter ID process, from appointive moves to the election plans for upcoming elections. It likewise has a rundown of rules for voters and different application structures to enroll oneself. There are various structures, pick the right one for yourself. You would need to choose Form 6 for new Voter ID registration though.

Steps engaged with new voter id online application:

To put it plainly, the means engaged with the online application process are the following:

Stage 1 – Visit the official site of the Election Commission of India.

Stage 2 – Click on National Voters Services Portal.

Stage 3 – Click on “Apply online for enrollment of new voter”.

Stage 4 – Enter subtleties and transfer the required reports.

Stage 5 – Click on “Submit”.

When you submit, you will get an email on the email address that you have given. This email will have a connection to an individual Voter’s ID page. You will have the capacity to follow your voter ID application through this page, and you ought to get your Voter ID card in a month from the day of your application.

Documents Required to Apply For a Voter’s ID Card (Voter Registration):

To apply for a voter ID card on the web, you would require the accompanying records:

One passport size photo

Personality verification this could be a birth testament, Passport, PAN Card, or Driving License

Address verification this could be either ration card, electricity bill, driving License or broadband bill on your name with the address.

Advantages of applying on the web for Election Card/Voter ID Card:

There are numerous advantages for voter id online enrollment. Some of them are referenced underneath:

Online process is easy and comfortable

The best part about applying online for a new Voter ID is how comfortable and easy it is. You don’t need to go to any of the electoral office to get a form and fill it up and then submit it. This is by far the best method also because there are so many people who had no idea where the local electoral office was. Also, there are many people who fail to manage their time to visit the office personally. It is always time taking when you stand in a queue and wait for your turn. Plus it is inconvenience as well. Now, you don’t need to hurry to any of the branches of the main office. Just open the official website and complete the entire application and process without going anywhere.

You can track your online application and ID status:

The second advantage of applying for the Voter ID through the online mode is that you can now track your ID status with just one click. Imagine visiting the electoral office again and again just to know about its status. Submit the form and check the website to see your application status.

Quick process:

When you apply online the process completes within just a few minutes. You can apply for the voter ID card from your home, office or an internet café and get it done. Once it gets accepted, you will receive your Voter ID within just one month. However, the offline process takes a longer time.

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