Want to do video editing check these sites and Apps for best video editing options

video editing

Normal man to a you tuber or celebrity or professional filmmakers we will use video editing tools for best videos effect. These apps will add extra effects to your videos. There are so many Sites and apps for video editing so it is difficult to choose between them in this article we will discuss some apps and sites which we can use for video editing.  These apps are both Ios and Android based so Android and ios user both can use these video editing apps. They are having different free options and paid options as well you can choose between them.


It is one of the best video editing apps it is containing no watermarks for free version. You can edit  Your HD videos online very easily here you have to pick a theme you can add music filters and titles and even transitions you can save it in to your gallery or you can instantly share it in to social platforms like facebook, whatsapp, vimeo,  youtube or email

Adobe Premier Rush

It is a free mobile and desktop video editing app for creativity you can shoot edit and share high quality video on social media you can download it for free on macos , windows ,ios and  Android.  You can edit the video from different modes you can add and edit  polished titles  with a wide range of built in templates  you can export it in to nay social channel. You can give it manual colour correction.


Kinemaster is one of the best video editing Apps. This app is offering many high end features  auto mixing and chroma keying.  This app will help you to shoot, edit and export the videos over the phone and tablet .it is available on IOS and Android platform. You can trim your videos this is the best option. This app is coming with advance features instant edit previews, envelop control, speed controls,3d transitions chroma key composition.


Quik is new name of Gopro app which was renamed in march 2021.  you can easily edit your footage and can remotely control over Gopro device. It is having unlimited backup at 100%Quality you can add photos and videos from anywhere. You can do cinematic edits instantly. It is best for beginners who want to make creative videos.


It is one of the best video editing apps it is beneficial for iphone users  it offers filters and transitions and audiometer assisted voiceovers. It is one of the professional option to list it is unique for ipad video editing.  It can create and mange unlimited projects. You can easily manage share/export projects it is having 4k video support on iphone SE and later iPad pro.

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