Warning sign that you are having High cholesterol level

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High cholesterol in our body shows no symptoms you can detect it only by blood test. There are some warning signs which indicate that your levels are extremely high. If you have too much fatty substance in your body LDL cholesterol means that you have high cholesterol level. LDL which is commonly known as bad cholesterol as it can put your heart in to risk. if you have consistent high cholesterol level in your body it will cause serious implications on your body. It is mainly be the reason for heart diseases including heart attack stroke

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Main causes of bad cholesterol

Main causes of bad cholesterol in your body depends on your lifestyle factors like smoking, poor diet and lack of exercise or having underlying condition like diabetes or high blood pressure.

How you can reduce bad cholesterol in your body

If you want to reduce bad cholesterol in your body you have to reduce the fat intake means you have to do the limited use of meat and cheese. You should avoid dairy products, baked goods, deep fried foods and even processed foods. As we all know that high cholesterol shows no symptoms but if you are having continuous high cholesterol it could be life threatening for you.

Warning Symptom of high cholesterol

If we talk about the visible sign which shows the cholesterol level is high is PAD (Peripheral arterial Disease) in this condition the fatty deposits which are made up of cholesterol and other waste substances will prevent the arteries and constrain the blood supply to legs muscles. Legs are most affected in this condition generally people experience pain if they do walking or doing any other physical activity. It is followed by smelly Pus on your toes and lower limbs.

 If you closely watch the skin of your limbs it will get cold and numb turning red and then black. Sometimes swelling occurred which leads to the smelly pus causing severe pain.

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Some basic other signs of high cholesterol

1. Burning pain in your legs which wont go away when you rest.

2.  Your skin will become pale , smooth and dry.

3. wounds on your feet and legs which became unhealed.

4. muscle mass loss in your legs.

How to detect the high cholesterol level

There are no major signs and symptoms of high cholesterol you can detect it by doing a blood test consult with a good doctor. He will recommend tests and medications based on your age, weight and other health conditions.

How you can reduce High cholesterol and improve your health

1. if you want to reduce high cholesterol level in your body you have to reduce saturated fats like red meat and full fat dairy products from your diet.

2. You should eliminated Trans fats

3. You have to eat diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids

4. You have to increase soluble fiber in your diet

4. Avoid having full fat dairy products, red meat, processed foods, fried foods, eggs, shellfish and lean meat.

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