Ways to apply for Birth Certificate offline and online in India


A birth certificate is used by the Government and is one of the most important documents to prove your identity as a citizen of India. Here, we will talk about the ways through which you can apply for birth certificate in India. A birth certificate has all the information of a child, like the place where he was born, the gender, name, date and also the time of birth, parents name, etc. You will need to submit a copy of the birth certificate during the time of your child’s admission in schools and colleges. You will also need it while applying for a passport, voter ID, driving license, and marriage certificate. Sometimes this is also required to get a green card. Let’s check out the process to apply for a birth certificate below.

First, you need to register your child’s birth, that is the most important thing to do. You can register your child’s birth within 21 days of his/her birth. Documents that will be required to apply for the birth certificate are as follows:

•    Parents birth certificate will be required

•    A marriage certificate is required

•    The proof of your child’s birth letter as in which hospital the child was born.

•     Parent ID proof

How to apply for Birth Certificate offline

•    Go to the municipal corporation office and then ask for a birth certification registration form.

•    Submit the letter that has been issued by the hospital. You must have received by the medical in charge.

•    With 21 days of your child’s birth, you will have to fill that form.

•    The officers will then verify the details like place of birth, time of birth, parents name, gender, date of birth, nursing home details, and more.

•    Within 7 to 15 days you will receive the birth certificate and it will be sent to your address.

•    If you need it urgently, then you can to the municipal office directly within one week and collect the certificate.

Ways to apply for Birth Certificate online

Some states in India have also started issuing birth certificate online.

Search for the birth certificate online on Google. After that, you can look for the city and the state and then fill the online form and apply for the birth certificate for your child. For citizens of India, the birth certificate is a very important document issued by the Government. Just remember that you will have to submit a few documents like parents’ birth certificate, ID proofs, and marriage certificates.

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