What is Autism and how it affects the overall personality of a child

Autism Or Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD) is known as a condition when a person is facing challenges with their social skills repetitive behaviour, speech and verbal communication. Every 1 child out of 100 worldwide is facing some form of ASD but the extent of condition is varying in different individuals. Some people facing autism can live independently but some require content support and care entire life. The factors which are affecting this condition is influenced by genetic or environmental factors. Some common symptoms which are faced by almost all of autism person is sleep disorders,  mental health challenges such as anxiety  depression and attention issues and gastrointestinal  disorders and seizures.

Autism Signs which can be seen in toddlers

1. unable to keep eye contact or make little or no eye contact

2. No response to the parent’s gestures.

3. Lack of concentration on objects if you are pointing to any object shows no attention.

4. unable to point on objects

5. Less facial expressions

6. No empathy for others

7. Facing difficulty in making friends.

Symptoms are generally visible at the age of 3 to 4. if it is diagnosed early it can lead to positive outcomes if facing autism.

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Types of therapy to a Autism disorder toddler may receive

1. Social skills training- there should be social skills training to teach how to play and interact with other children.

2. Cognitive behavioural therapy- there should be cognitive behavioral therapy which will help the child to deal with their feelings and avoid repetitive behaviour.

3. Speech and language therapy so that the child can speak normally.

4. Education and support – there is need to educate the child parents that how to manage autism spectrum disorder at home.

Experts have the opinion that autism cannot be cured but you can live a normal independent life with it. But if you want this to happen it is mandatory that your medical condition of autism should be diagnosed early and treatment get started at an early stage.

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