What is the mystery behind Shopping malls


A shopping mall is a large retail complex which has a variety of stores and restaurants and other business establishments which is nestled in a series of connected buildings or in a single large building complex. Main importance of a shopping mall is mainly for people to get out of their cozy homes and do something entertaining. As most of us had already shopping malls and get attracted to some of the features of the place. Let’s discuss some mystery behind making of malls and why they have designed like this.

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Some facts of shopping malls

1. Malls don’t have windows- some people have not noticed but shopping malls don’t have windows they are glass fitted but we can’t see outside world.  Some malls have windows but lot of them don’t prefer windows as to avoid people letting know about the change of time outside and indulge them in doing more shopping.

2. Popular shops and food court are on the top- if you have noticed food court or popular shops are on the top floor this is deliberately done to move more foot traffic to the lower to upper floors and increase the chances of sales. If food courts are placed on the ground floor people get distracted by the fragrance of the meal and it might make people not want to explore the rest of the mall.

3. Fragrances and cosmetics are at the entrance of the mall- Fragrances and cosmetics are placed at the entrance to set the mood

4. Escalators – you can see that escalators are placed in a special way in shopping mall. It is done deliberately so that shoppers pass as much as stores as possible which increases their chances of spending more money.

5. Biggest mall in India- Spencer Plaza was built in 1863–1864, established by Charles Durant and J. W. Spencer in Anna Salai, then known as Mount Road, in the Madras Presidency. The property originally belonged to Spencer & Co Ltd. Spencer & Co opened the first department store in the Indian subcontinent in 1895. Lulu  interational shopping mall is the first largest mall in india in terms of total retail area  which has 225 outlets spread across four floors and it is located in Kochi. This mall  has 100+ big brands in world to kerela  for the first time.

Biggest malls of Delhi/NCR

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1. Select city walk saket

2. Pacific mall subhash nagar, delhi

3. DLF Place mall saket

4. Ambience mall , Saket

5. Ambience mall, Gugaon

6. MGF metropolitan Gugaon

8. Gurgaon central Mall

9. The Great India Place Sector 38A Noida

10 The Garden Galleria  Mall sec-38 noida

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