WhatsApp Launches Group Calling on Android and iOS


Everyone uses WhatsApp, some use it for personal use to stay in touch with their loved ones and some for their businesses. Since the launch of WhatsApp, the developers have been adding a lot of features to make it user friendly. Now, WhatsApp has started their group video as well as voice calls feature too. This feature is reliable and secured. You can call up to four people in total and speak to them all anytime and anywhere. All you need to do to get started is call one of your friends and then tap on “add participants” and then add up to four people to start a conversation.

Just like normal chat, these group calls are also encrypted end-to-end. This feature is available for both the iPhone and Android users.

All video calls are encrypted

The all new group video and call feature added in WhatsApp will let you speak and video chat with four people under any circumstance and time. Just start with a one-to-one voice or the voice call with one of your friends and then add three more by tapping the “Add participant” button. You will see the option on the top right corner of the WhatsApp screen. Just add the participant and then add them to your chat and start talking to all of them.

There is a reason why you should choose WhatsApp group chat feature. First things first, all the group chat are encrypted end-to-end and that’s why they are all secured and is limited up to four people only. The second reason is WhatsApp has made this group calling feature available under a lot of network conditions.

Update WhatsApp today to use this feature

The all new group calling feature is out and rolling on all the Android as well as iOS devices. If you are not yet able to see this feature, then try updating it as soon as possible. Update it to the latest version. WhatsApp is used by over 1.5 billion people across the globe and there are many people to talk to using the group chat feature. Download WhatsApp if you haven’t and make use of their latest features. WhatsApp is the best way to stay close to all the love ones and know about their whereabouts.

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  1. priya thakur

    Good news thnks to share

  2. priya thakur

    Good news thnks to share and

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