Whatsapp new feature to stop fake news


Whatsapp is the most used app for social networking, In India almost everyone who has internet access is on whatsapp. The app not only limits the interaction process to chat but also has the ability to make video calls, send video messages receive documents, all is possible through the app itself. And the main reason why it is so much popular and the most used app, is because it’s completely ad free. There is absolutely no advertisement going on at the bottom, top of screen or no pop ups no spams, no nothing. The app is purely free has all the features available for free no need to pay any charges to have access to any additional features.

Express yourself not only through the written messages, but also through the voice messages. The app lets you make free voice and free video calls across the world without any additional charges. You can group chat on whatsapp, create as many groups as you want, add countless number of people to these groups, back up all of your conversations and restore them whenever you change your device.

But there are many people who are degrading the level of whatsapp by sending spam messages and fake offers.

Why do people send these type of fake links?

It all starts by creating a website, and then by sending the URL of this website to various whatsapp groups with fake but eye catchy offers like Win an Iphone X, get 10,000 paytm cash. The goal is to simply make you click on the link and increase traffic on their website so that they can earn money through google ad sense.

As they say, getting to the top is hard, but it’s even harder to stay on the top. That is why whatsapp did not stop inventing or bringing out new features. For the past couple of months whatsapp has been bringing out some amazing features for their users. Last week whatsapp brought a feature to its app through which the recipient of a message can know whether the message received by him is a forwarded  message, because in india, a lot of forwarded messages are spamming the users, the information given in these messages is mostly false and misleading. So what whatsapp did is it put a label on the message saying “forwarded message” so the user will know that this is actually a forwarded message and could contain false information.

As per the information available, we also came to know that whatsapp is working on a project called SUSPICIOUS LINK DETECTION where users can identify if the link received by them is suspicious/malicious. The user who receive these type of links will clearly see an indication that’ll read “SUSPICIOUS LINK”, but if the user still clicks on the link then a pop up window will open and show the warning SUSPICIOUS LINK, the link provided is suspicious or contains unusual characters.

This feature is currently available for beta testers but will be available for all the users once the feature is implemented successfully.

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