WhatsApp will no longer work on IPhone 3GS and older versions!


Recently we saw the launch of OS12, and soon after that we got to know that Facebook owned WhatsApp messenger app will no longer work on any other OS devices prior to 7.1.2. However, the company has not made any official statement regarding this but since the last update of their FAQ sections, there were updates about some changes in the older versions of iOS. In fact the last version of iOS 7 will also see some limitations in terms of using the app. It stated clearly that people using iOS 8 and above will be able to operate WhatsApp.

As per their latest PAQ sections, it has been stated clearly that people using 7.1.2 version will be able to use WhatsApp until 2010 but won’t be able to create new accounts or re-verify their current accounts. They will need to have iOS 8 or more to run this application. Also, iOS 6 and older versions won’t be able to run this application.

This particular change won’t affect a lot of Apple users though. But if your device has received no updates after the iOS 7.1.2, then it will no longer be able to create new account or re-verify the existing one. Particularly, iPhone 4 which was launched in 2010. Models older than iPhone 3GS have not received any update after the iOS 6.1.6 and this version is no longer supported by WhatsApp.

The latest iOS 12 operating system is however compatible with iPhone 5S and the newer models as well. According to Apple’s designer page, where iOS selection figures were getting refreshed on September 3, 85 percent of dynamic gadgets are running on iOS 11, while 10 percent are running on iOS 10, and 5 percent are running on more seasoned forms. This would suggest that while a minority, clients running variants earlier than iOS 10 may in any case number in the millions.

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