Why home stays are Preferred over Hotels


Home stays- A Home stay is a concept of someone’s home converted in to a hotel. It is a concept of providing Bed and breakfast. Sometimes Guests are accommodated in a family home or you can accommodate them in a separate quarter nearby. It provides guests similar comfort as a good hotel. In India Guests are treated as Gods and people in India are known for giving respect and warm welcome to the guests in their family. A home stay is similar concept where people stay with us with or without food and will pay for their accommodation and food.

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Advantages of living in a Home stay

1. Different kind of accommodation– if you are tired staying at hotels and had a regular touring work you can stay at a home stay. There are many options in home stays like you can live in plantations bungalows, historic havelis, or staying with a royal family. You can have interaction with the Indians from all walks of life.

2. Good authentic food- if you live in a home stays with local people you have a chance to taste the local delicacies of the area. Hotels will provide you the specific menu. but home stays will provide you homely care plus home cooked food which can be customized as per your choice. It will provide you the taste of the local delicacies and some people will share secret recipes also with you.

3. Personal care- the scope of receiving personal care is high in home stays. They will happily take care of you in case of any emergency and health issue or will definitely do the custom adjustments in the food you want to eat. You will find a sense of togetherness with the staff working in home stays.

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4. Less expensive- hotels are pretty expensive as compared to home stays. If you stay in low priced hotels they are not clean and hygienic.  Home stays are basically a clean and affordable alternative with better experience. It is cheaper by half to hotels. Food cost is mostly included or you can be directed o the cheap eating options of the area. You can spend the extra money on sightseeing and trekking.

5. Peaceful and quiet- if you want to live in a peaceful life away from noise and clutter home stays are good choice. These are small and there is not great rush in home stays. The place would be quiet and peaceful. These properties will give you an access to the more remote areas of the country. This means you can live a peaceful and quite life for some time.

6. Safety- if you are a solo female traveller who is visiting India for the first time or going for a vacation every time all alone. You will have a family who will look after you at home stay. They can guide you will provide you pick up from airport sometimes.

Home stays are located in residential neighborhoods rather than tourist areas  so you would be safe from all tourist traps, scams and any type of Hassels.

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