Work from home regulations in New Year 2021

work from home

Work from home concept is popular in all sectors whether it is a government sector or a private sector. Our Government has decided to implement efficient work culture in companies. Our Union Labour ministry incorporated the work from home option in all its establishments, as part of its draft model standing order for service sector. The government wants to implement WFH facility for the services sector but left the manufacturing units are outside this facility.

Standing orders – it is basically an employment contract that will explain the rules of conduct for those employees those are working in industrial establishments and having more than 300 workers. If it is a manufacturing sector unit the standing order governing the work conditions applicable in the organizations having 100 or more workers until last year and also it is now getting increased to 300 in the labour code on industrial relations approved in the parliament last year. There is no such kind of standards for service sector so far. It is now proposed for the first time. And these standing orders will be applicable in the organizations those are having 300 above workers.

The draft code also states that “it is subject to conditions of appointment and agreement between workers and employer, Employer may allow a worker work from home for such period or periods as may be determined by the employer”

Experts of labour said that without proper regulations for work from home, employees will be left at the mercy of the employers

The standing orders also describes that a worker can be suspended by his employer or enquiry in to complaints of misconduct against him it includes complaints like sleeping on duty or accepting of gifts from sub ordinates the enquiry or investigation shall be completed within ninety days from the suspension against the employee. The company had to pay the subsistence allowance during the period of suspension. But the worker does not take employment anywhere else during the period of suspension. These standing orders are applicable for both manufacturing as well as services sectors.

Payment of wages shall be done through electronic mode and within the seventh day of the wage period . If required a worker can be transferred from one state to another according to the transfer policy. The concerned employee should be given quite reasonable time to join the duty over other state and should be paid the travelling allowance and transport charges.

All kind of workers whether they are temporary or permanent should wear identity badge or identity card in which his full name employee number blood group mobile number and recent photograph should be mentioned.

The standing order also provides flexibility to employees within the weekly working hours of 48 hours which has been fixed under the labour code.

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