Worried about Huge electricity Bills Reduce your Electricity bills to almost 50% Check Details


Are you living in a big house having all the facilities. There will be air conditioners, Fridge, televisions and other electric appliances at home. Electricity bill will come around 2000 in winters and in summers it will rise up to 8000 due to the more consumption of electricity. There are ways through which you can reduce your electricity bill by 50%. Let’s discuss what you need to do this summer.

Solar Energy

All of us know about Indian weather as around 300 days in a year we are having sunshine so it is best for solar energy. Solar panels are efficient way to generate clean and renewable electricity. You can install it on your rooftop and there will be one time cost you have to bear and you can save huge bills of electricity in the long run. Depending upon roof rights in a high rise society or independent house you can choose the product from listed government vendors. Without space it is not possible to install solar panels. The government is giving subsidy for installing solar panels and cost will be almost half for individuals.

LED Lights

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If you are using low consumption LED lights at your home it will make a difference in your electricity consumption. Pick energy efficient refrigerators and other electric appliances for less electricity consumption. Follow the tips like turn off the lights if nor required. Use of Tube lights and CFLs saves 70% of your electricity consumption. If you are reading you can use table lamps as light required on the material you are reading there is no need to light the whole room.

Air conditioners

You can save extra cost by effective use of Air conditioners. Set the room temperature at 25 degree Celsius it will reduce your electricity cost. Shade your home windows and walls it will keep the room temperature maintained and saves 40 percent of air conditioners energy to cool the room. Always keep the doors and windows of the rooms closed. Clean the filter of the air conditioner cleaned every month as dirty air filter will reduce the air flow and damage your ac and will not give effective cooling in summers hence will take extra time to cool the room. Always buy extra energy efficient new air conditioners and replace the old ones as it incurs extra electricity cost by using the old air conditioners.


If you want to save your electricity bills on usage of refrigerators always keep the refrigerators away from sources of heat. Don’t open the door of the fridge frequently as it will warm up the fridge temperature again and again and will incur extra electricity bill

Other appliances

1. Turn off the computer and TV when not in use

2. Put the extra switch off of all rooms and battery chargers for laptops off as when they are not put on charging

3. Always buy energy efficient items in microwave and electric kettle

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