Zuckerberg’s big plans for Facebook and Whatsapp in INDIA


Whatsapp and Facebook two of the biggest companies not only in India but worldwide. Their popularity is on peak and they continue to dominate the social media platforms with their new features and updates.

The latest update of Whatsapp in India was for the Whatsapp Payments system, while it was only available for the beta testers, reports say approximately a million people tried the payments system and the reviews and feedback are very positive and the company can’t wait to make this feature available to everyone.

Although the feature received great feedback from the testers, the competitors such as Paytm criticized this feature by stating that whatsapp is not following the guidelines provided by the Indian government for Unified payment interface (UPI) as they are restricting the funds transfer facility to their own users.

Mark said that according to the feedback received it’s clear that more and more people want to test this feature out and they will make this feature available for everyone once they receive a thumbs up from the government. He also said that they are planning to introduce a business ecosystem around facebook messenger and whatsapp in about 5 years.


Whatsapp has been facing a lot of issues since there have been reports of people dying because of fake news spread on whatsapp, at least 16 people have died in India over the past few months because of this fake news. The government has imposed some regulations on the company to stop this chaos and whatsapp has introduced some new features to aware the people about fake and forwarded messages as for the forwarded messages, whatsapp will clearly indicate ‘forwarded’ on the message so the reader will be aware about the content and also whatsapp is planning to introduce a warning message for suspicious links that are shared over whatsapp.

As elections for the central government is coming closer the concerns about fake news spread over whatsapp and facebook has to be countered seriously so as to avoid any misconceptions and confusion during the crucial time of elections.

Mark said that there are important elections going to be held over the next year and we are confident that we will tackle this problem in a right way as they had removed many fake accounts, pages and groups during elections held in France and Germany last year and this year in Mexico, which violated their terms of use and policies. He said that they are pretty confident that they will get this thing fixed for elections in 2018 in the U.S and in early 2019 in India.

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