Amazing Summer drinks-keep yourself hydrated with the benefits of these cool summer drinks

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Temperature begins to rise high in summer season and staying hydrated is the most important to beat the heat and maintaining good health. Our body looses excessive water through sweating to beat the thirst water is the most important source and you can even try summer drinks to fill your thrust and also keep you hydrated. We can refresh our self with these refreshing drinks which have nutritional value also. Let’s discuss some refreshing summer drinks which are easy to make.

1. Buttermilk- Buttermilk which is commonly known as chaach is a good drink of summer which is made with curd also. it is a good digestive drink . It reduces acidity fights with constipation and gives you a cooling effect it is rich in calcium and reduces blood pressure also.

2. Coconut water- Coconut water is a good source of several nutrients which supports heart health and it is a delicious source of hydration. It has mild sweetness which gives a soothing effect while drinking it.

3. Sugarcane juice- it is an instant energy booster drink it is a best remedy of jaundice. it helps the body to build up plasma and body fluids. it improves your digestion

4. Lassi- it is rich in probiotics which improves the bone health and boosts immunity. It is a yogurt based creamy drink which is very refreshing in summer. You can easily add variations in it by adding mango or banana or dry fruits in it.

5. Lemonade- lemonade is the best drink in summers. It promotes hydration and it is great source of vitamin C it helps in good digestion and improves your skin quality.

6. Watermelon juice- watermelon juice is a good source of energy. It is very refreshing and keeps you hydrated in summer season. water melon is rich in amino acids citrulline which help move blood in your body decreases the risk of heart attacks

7. Barley water- barley water is a good source of fiber which makes your digestive system healthy and it lowers your cholesterol it also lowers the blood sugar levels and encourages weight loss.

8. Aam Panna – Aam panna is a popular drink of Maharashtra which is made with the fruits mango it is dealing with constipation issues and heals blood disorders prevents dehydration and diarrhea

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