Most Popular and expensive cars of the year 2022

luxury car

Cars are not only for necessity luxury cars define your lifestyle as what we drive is a symbol of what we value and want in our life.  A car will tell a lot about the person including what they can afford. Read More : How Rainbow Diet is useful in Overall health development of Body But is it fair to…

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Are you a fresher?  Choose these popular courses to have career growth in your life

Career Path

India’s economy is the fastest growing economy in the world.  Hone are those days when people just think about doctor, lawyer or government employee as a successful career in the life. There is a boom in recent startups  and businesses offer so many opportunities which is ranging from cloud computing to digital Marketing. So you can choose whatever career suits…

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Beware from Online Payment frauds while doing Digital Transactions

Online payment Fraud (1)

Digital transactions are increasing day by day and as the digital transactions take over we are increasingly seeing more online frauds. If we look at the number of rising cases of frauds it will increase many folds The most common frauds through digital transactions are through UPI, IMPS and PPI Transactions. People are facing frauds while due to security issues…

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Auto Expo 2023-cars which likely to be Unveiled in 2023


The Auto expo is basically a largest biennial automobile exhibition and it is celebrated once in two years with great pomp and show. It was last held in the feb 2020 just before the covid 19 outbreak and the next edition will likely to be held in January 2023. Read More : List of countries where you can do Budgeted and…

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Perfect Destination wedding locations in India


Destinations weddings are perfect for couples who want to tie the knot away from their hometown. Most of the couples think that destination wedding can be a costly affair and few drop the idea of even exploring the suitable options. You can make your big day special and unforgettable in India itself. Sun kissed beaches to scenic mountains, ancient forts…

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Educate your child with the Best online learning platforms in India: Check details


Science and technology advancements have made everything possible with a single click at your home. One of the best accomplishments in this regard is online leaning platforms for kids. As we all know during the pandemic online learning platform helps the kids to learn through online classes. So for the better future of your kid online classes will help them…

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Maintain Your Health and Fitness with these user friendly Fitness APPS


Staying healthy is most important in our life today. People think of different options to stay healthy and fit like joining a fitness club, yoga classes, Gym, Cycling. Due to corona pandemic going outside for an activity is little risky. So what can you do to maintain your health and fitness?  Don’t worry you can take help from fitness apps…

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Tata Neu – One stop destination for all Tata Products Explore more for Exciting Offers

Tata neu

Tata Neu is a Super app recently launched by Tata. The service of this App is now Live to everyone and you can simply download it from Play store and visit the site log in using phone number and OTP. It offers you a complete solution under one roof to all digital needs from shopping, travelling, Payments and many more…

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Couple Goals-5 Rules you must follow for a healthy Married Life

marriage (2)

Communication, Knowledge and commitment are the three rules which make your married life successful. If you have an open communication with your life partner your marriage can’t fail at any point of time. Everything in life can be solved with discussion. Lack of communication can make your marriage bond unsuccessful. If you have full knowledge about your partner everything will…

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Amazon Air coolers sale- Grab the discounted deals this summer


Air coolers as name suggest just cools the air. It is adding humidity to the air. Air coolers are worth less than the air conditioner and use about 1/5 of the power which is used by an Ac for work. It also requires less maintenance and you can find spare parts easily in market. We have shortlisted some of the…

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