Pan Adhaar Linking- How to Link Pan with Adhaar card Online


Our Indian Government has made linking of Pan (Permanent Account number) with Adhaar card mandatory. It is now mandatory for all citizens to link their Adhaar card with their Pan card. If you will not do it your Pan will become inoperative from April 1 and also you will get a penalty of 10000 for not doing the same. The…

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Google New Feature-You can easily find best educational resources directly in search


Google is adding new feature which will help its users to find the best educational resource. It will add practice problems. The educational resource will test students’ knowledge of chemistry, Maths and physics directly in search engine. For Example if a student is searching for chemical Bond practice problems learning resources from third party providers like Gradeup,Kahoot,vedantu will open up…

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Adhaar Card –You can prevent misuse of your Adhaar number; Check How


Adhaar card is the most important verification document in our country which is mandatory for filing income tax returns and opening a bank account. So it is necessary to protect the security of adhaar number and prevent its Misuse. The Unique identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has a feature  which allows you to lock and unlock your Adhaar number. It…

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How to apply for a Ration card easily Detailed Guide

One-Nation-One-Ration-Card (1)

Major Announcements has been made regarding One Nation One Ration card (ONORC) Scheme. This scheme will allow Migrant beneficiaries to access ration under Public distribution system from any fair price shop in the country. 100 percent portability of Ration cards will be achieved by March 2021. Eligibility for Ration Card Any person who is a citizen of India can apply…

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Now You can easily add words to Android dictionary; Check How


When we want to send message to others sometimes there is need to use our own phrases and words using messaging apps on Android Phones. Our Android has a inbuilt dictionary in them which automatically corrects our words and also give us suggestions which word can replace this word. Sometimes it creates too much difficulty in texting and sometimes we…

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Gmail Feature- Send confidential mail with expiry Date using Gmail

Sometimes we find us in a situation where we need to send an email to a person but don’t want that person to have access to that mail forever. We can easily do it with the help of Gmail confidential mode. Here this mode will give you the option to send an email where we can set the expiry date…

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Now you can share your live Location easily using Google Maps; let’s explore

Live location Feature is available in so many apps. Due to the whatsapp privacy policy so many users are switching to other apps. But if you will uninstall whatsapp from your mobile you will not be able to use many features of whatsapp which are necessity. One feature among those features is whatsapp live location. Google is also offering live…

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Transfer your chat easily from Whats app to Telegram;Check How


Telegram is a messaging app which is a good substitude for is a cloud based App.Due to the Whatsapp privacy policy many users are swiching to telegram from whatsapp and many of us want to transfer our individual and group chats also to telegram. There are some easy steps underlined to follow to transfer your chats easily from whatsapp…

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Google Pay-Want to do Mobile Recharge using Google Pay, Check How

Google Pay

Google Pay is a popular method of payment in India. if you are using using Jio,Vi(Vodafone Idea), Airtel ,MTNL or BSNL services in India, you can do mobile recharge easily with the help of Google Pay by following the simple few steps. if you are using a prepaid service Google pay provides you the easy option to recharge the mobile.…

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Whats App Disappearing Message-Now you can use this feature on Android and iPhone-Check How

Whatsapp disappering message (1)

Whatsapp disappering messages is a feature which automatically erases your Whatsapp messages after a period of time.This feature is already available across a number of different Apps, Now it is available in whatsapp too. Now the Users can enable this option to delete messages for individual  and group chats after seven days.Follow the steps below to enable the disappering messages…

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