Qualities of a Best Dad which turns him the hero of his child life

best dad

A father’s involvement in a child’s development can influence their overall development. A best dad always shares responsibility with his spouse and contribute to the child growth, education and well being. What are the qualities of a good dad which turns him the hero of his kid’s life. Some important characteristics and parameters which helps you to become a good…

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How to inculcate Good habits in your child


Good habits play an important role in leading a healthy life. Every parent wants to inculcate good habits in their child. Children always learn what they see in their house so you can teach them by setting an example. You have to motivate a child to learn good habits and show the reason to adopt good habits. Learning good habits…

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All you need to know about Time management skills


Time Management is an art and a well managed process which includes the planning and controlling how much time spend on specific activity. Good time management leads to complete more work in shorter span of time and lowers your stress and leads to success in everything you do. Let’s discuss first what the major benefits of time management. Read More…

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How Digital marketing is helpful in Business


Traditional methods of marketing now changed and replaced by online marketing which helps your business to grow and scale. The future of digital marketing is mainly focused on fast growing and profitable online market and its audience. Digital marketing provides more online tools and plans which helps to grow and upscale your business on the internet to connect with the…

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Tips to reduce eye stain while watching TV, Laptop/desktop


We are using screens for work, Pleasure or just to keep up with daily life. Some people find their eyes dry, blurry vision and stresses eyes at the end of the day. If you are suffering from neck ache or shoulder ache all the time with the digital devices it is because of the excess usage of digital devices. We…

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Buying a Used Car? Check these things before Payment

used car

Buying a used car is sometimes a worst experience. But if you follow a checklist before buying it can be a smooth experience for you. Let’s discuss the things you have to keep in mind while choosing a second hand car. 1. Choosing the right condition car- you have to check the cars actual condition before buying .Always try to…

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Link Your Pan with Aadhaar without internet: Check details

The financial year is ending on 31 march. Taxpayers are busy in filling up documents to save taxes for the year ending in March. Linking of pan card with Aadhaar card is mandatory as the process allows income tax returns to get processed. If you want to do bank transactions for the amount 50000 or above it is mandatory to…

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Suffering from Hair loss Add these nutrient in your diet to get shiny hair

healthy hair

Long and strong hair can be achieved through healthy lifestyle and healthy diet. As weather is changing and getting extremely hot long summer days with lot of humidity makes the hair dull and grey. Seasonal change always makes our hair undernourished followed by excessive hair fall. Extra care is required for healthy and shiny hair. Long and strong hair is…

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Process to Apply for Jio Broadband (Fiber) Online

jio Fiber 11

Jio Broadband service or jio Fibre Can be booked Online. There is a list of prepaid and post-paid plans across Indiain Jio Fiber. You can choose between a range of speeds from 30 MBPS up to 1 GBPS according to your requirement. It offers high speed internet connectivity plus free subscriptions like Amazon prime video, Disney+Hotstar and Netflix. Jio is…

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Worried about Huge electricity Bills Reduce your Electricity bills to almost 50% Check Details


Are you living in a big house having all the facilities. There will be air conditioners, Fridge, televisions and other electric appliances at home. Electricity bill will come around 2000 in winters and in summers it will rise up to 8000 due to the more consumption of electricity. There are ways through which you can reduce your electricity bill by…

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