Can you really go invisible on WhatsApp without deleting it?


People often go invisible from social media platforms like Facebook, SnapChat or even Twitter and go invisible when they feel they need some space. But many people question if they can go invisible on WhatsApp as well. WhatsApp goes with us wherever we take our mobile phone with us. We receive constant notification and messages. The thing is, it is not possible for us to delete the application and then again reinstall it again and again whenever we get tired of it.

What most people can do is remove the tick from the read receipt option. However, people do get to know that you might have read their messages because you can’t hide your online status when you are available. Basically, all of your contacts can see you available even if you hide your read receipt option. But, here we will talk about the way which can help you to beat the system. Let’s begin.

You can silent your WhatsApp application by simply downloading a Firewall app like NoRoot Firewall or Mobiwol on your Android phone or other Android devices. These kinds of apps will let the users deny internet connectivity to individual applications. After downloading this app, you will be able to allow to receive emails and simultaneously deny the internet connectivity for WhatsApp. You might have to root your device first in order to use this Firewall application. However, the Firewall Applications we have talked about here won’t ask you to reboot your device. Also, please don’t go for any third-party apps which can compromise all your data.

Other than that, you can also go invisible by changing the settings on your WhatsApp application. There are three simple steps to follow. First of all, you can silent the WhatsApp tone, not the phone but only the notification tone for WhatsApp. Secondly, you can always get rid of the WhatsApp icon or the dot notification on the notification bar of your device. Thirdly, go to settings and disable the notification light for the application. The last thing you can do is remove the shortcut icon from the home page of your mobile screen.

How to disable WhatsApp tune?

Well, we can’t really silent any applications separately. We will have to put our mobile phone on silent mode to keep the application silent. So, what you can do is you can create a dedicated silent ringtone for WhatsApp. Go to setting on your device and choose that silent ringtone for the app. Maintain pin drop silence for 2-5 seconds and record it. Change the notification tone to your recorded silent tone and that’s it. Don’t forget to give a name to your recording, so that you don’t forget it.

How to disable the notification for WhatsApp?

Well, this is the easiest way to silent your WhatsApp application. Click on the settings and under apps tab click the app tab to open the entire list of applications available on your device. Now, tap on the notification, choose WhatsApp and then disable it. After doing that you won’t receive any notification from WhatsApp.

How to disable the notification light?

This one is pretty simple. Just open your WhatsApp application, click on settings, then notification, and then click on light and select none.

After doing all that, all you will have to do is remove the shortcut icon from the home screen from your Android device. These steps won’t let you go invisible entirely but will definitely save you from getting bothered. You won’t even realise that someone has texted you unless you manually open WhatsApp.

If you want WhatsApp to stop chucking out your mobile data then turn on your phone, go to settings, click on Apps, now open the list of Apps and then select WhatsApp. After that click on Force Stop. It will immediately disable the background data.

This will keep you free from getting any notification from WhatsApp, but you can get them all back once you click on the app.

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