Whatsapp trick-You can easily lock your chat on whatsapp with Fingerprint


Whatsapp is the most popular chatting app across worldwide. There are 2.5 billion active users who are using whatsapp worldwide now a days one of the best feature is to lock your chat that nobody can access without your permission. Fingerprint lock made this thing possible to use touch ID to unlock the App. The process of making your chat secure with fingerprint lock is very easy to use. lets discuss how we can do it very easily.

Follow the steps to Lock  whatsapp  chat easily on iOS

1.First of all update the whatsapp latest version.

2. Now open the whatsapp and go to settings tab of your iphone and click on privacy option.

3. scroll down to the screen lock  and set the button on .

4. Once you will do that your touch ID on iphone will get activated for whatsapp and in case if you are having any Face ID your Face will unlock the whatsapp chats now.

Follow the steps to lock whatsapp chat on Android

1. Again first update to the latest version of whatsapp

2.  Now open whatsapp and open settings tab on your smartphone.

3. when you will click on privacy ,scroll down to last option fingerprint unlock

4. Just click  on fingerprint lock following the instructions which will ask you want to use fingerprint sensor to lock/unlock whatsapp with your registered finger on  the sensor

Thus this is the easy way by which you can make your whatsapp chat account more secure by fingerprint lock.

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