YouTube Shorts-A Step by Step Guide to make easy YouTube Shorts

You tube shorts

Last Year September You Tube announced that they are starting their You Tube Shorts service in India  in a Beta stage. Only four months has passed after this announcement and the service is becoming very popular among the Indians. Now a days many people are creating content on their phones very easily now You tube is investing to give more video editing tools to the creators of the videos.this is now in the beta testing stage of You Tube shorts in India and You Tube wanted to help the next generation people to tell their stories and create their videos more efficiently. As if now videos in our new shorts Player people from around the world can watch videos on You Tube  and they are receiving nearly 3.5 billion daily views it is confirmed by the CEO of You Tube.

If you want to create You Tube Shorts videos on You Tube follow the underlined steps.

1. First sign in to your You Tube account on Mobile.

2. Click on create.

3. Click on Create a Short.

4. if you want to record a clip,tap and Hold the capture button or you can tap it to start recording  and then tap it again to end the segment.

5. Click on Undo if you want to remove the previous video Clip you recorded or click Redo if you want to add the removed segment back in to your video.

6. Click Next if you want to Preview your video.

7. Click Next Again if you want to add details to your video.

8. You can Add a title maximum of 100 characters to your short video.

9. After that click Select audience to choose whether or not short videos is made for kids.

10 Last just upload to finish the entire process.

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