Signal App Settings and Procedure to invite people and create a group chat on Signal


Signal is a private messaging App which is now a day’s topping charts on Apple Play store. Due to the recent updation in the privacy policy of whatsapp users increasingly shifting to another platform.Whatsapp users are shifting to another rival apps which need not sharing their data with face book one of the popular app among them is signal. Some…

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YouTube Feature-YouTube is testing a new feature where you can shop directly through videos


YouTube is testing out a new feature in which the users can actually buy the products that are shown in selected YouTube videos. This is great news for the buyers .Due to pandemic online sales is increasing day by day. Currently this service is only tested out in the US on Android, IOS and internet. This new feature on you…

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Telegram-Tips to download and start using telegram on Desktop (PC)and Smartphones

telegram-passport-1-1080x608 (1)

Telegram is a fast messaging app on the market. Now days when whatsapp has introduced his new policy for users it is also widely used alternative of can be used on desktop computer and also it is available on another platforms like Android, ios, windows. You can easily switch to telegram it is as easy as any other instant…

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Tips and Tricks-Now we can add Special effects to Instagram Messages -Check How?


Instagram is also the worldwide used social platform. Recently with a new software update, Face book has merged messenger with instagram DMs and so now the instagram has received so many good features like ability to custom chat colour, vanish mode and emoji reactions. There are already so many users in instagram so we definitely need some tips and tricks…

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Work from home regulations in New Year 2021

work from home

Work from home concept is popular in all sectors whether it is a government sector or a private sector. Our Government has decided to implement efficient work culture in companies. Our Union Labour ministry incorporated the work from home option in all its establishments, as part of its draft model standing order for service sector. The government wants to implement…

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How to apply your instant PAN Card easily by using your Adhaar card information


Pan card number is a necessary document which is required everywhere whether you are working in a office it is also required for KYC. In India there are so many people who are having Adhaar card But they are not having PAN Card. For those people who are having adhaar card but not having pan card they can now get…

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Now you can download You Tube videos in Bulk-Check How ?

YouTube (1)

We are using you tube platform for watching videos, music videos, gaming, new movies. It is a most commonly used popular and widely used platform where we can watch and also create a video content. We cannot imagine a world without you tube now. In tube contents are also of various types. Like educational, entertainment, music, health.but sometimes when we…

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Now You can Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Android, iPhone-Check How?


WhatsApp is full of good features and new features keep on coming in future as well. WhatsApp is one of the most widely used instant messaging app in the world and almost everybody uses it on the daily basis to communicate with the help of whatsApp we can send photos, messages and videos instantly even across the world. sometimes we…

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Want to Apply for a Personal Loan, home loan or Car Loan at low interest-Check How?

apply for loan

If we talk about taking a loan these days it is very easy to get a loan if you are eligible to get a loan. But before taking a loan from a bank we definitely check the rate of interest charged to repay that amount back. So we all try to get a loan on low rate of interest whether…

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