Now we can easily check vaccination status online and verify the same; Check Details

fully vaccinated (1)

The cowin platform has so many features you can easily use this website for taking appointment of vaccine now it has updated new feature in which you can easily check vaccination status of any citizen. You need to be fully or partially vaccinated to use this feature. As per our government this feature will allow public sector providers like offices,…

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All you need to know about Crypto currency before investing


Crypto Currency Meaning A crypto currency is basically a virtual currency and it is secured by cryptography. It is almost impossible to counterfeit or double spend in it. So many crypto currencies are here which decentralized network based on block chain technology. It is generally not issued by any central authority, rendering them theoretically immune to government interference or manipulation.…

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Process to check Cibil Score Using Pan Card; Check Details

cibil score

Cibil score is the credit score which is determined by Transunion Cibil, a credit Rating bureau. Cibil score lies from 300 to 900 and based on the information in your credit report. We can easily check Cibil score by Pan Free of cost, once in a year, or you can check multiple times your Cibil score by paying the required…

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Want to maintain your social media privacy follow these Steps to lock your face book profile

You can add more privacy to your facebook account by locking your profile. If you will lock your profile those people who are not in your friends list will see a limited view of your profile A locked profile only shows photos on your timeline, profile picture and cover photo, stories and new posts will show only to those people…

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Promote Your Business by adding links to instagram stories; Check How


Instagram has millions of followers worldwide. Most of us are promoting our business through instagram. Instagram recently has removed the restriction which allowed selected users to paste links on their instagram stories. Now anybody who has an active account on instagram can add links to their stories by new link sticker option. Earlier it is used by some verified accounts…

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Step by Step Procedure to update Aadhaar card Photo


Aadhaar card is a necessary document which is now mandatory to update everywhere like bank accounts EPF Accounts. It includes biometric details such as iris scan fingerprint and demographic information of citizen of India. It contains a photograph which has to be updated as well. If you want to update your photo in Aadhaar card you have to visit the…

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Steps to Retrieve Deleted Files from Google drive


Google Drive is basically a cloud based storage solution that allows saving files online and accessing them anywhere from any Smartphone, Tablet or computer if we talk about advantages we have many benefits from it like easy file sharing and back up of your files. If we are having a Google account we already have a 15 GB Storage on…

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