5 Foods which contains high fiber you can add in your daily diet


What is Fiber Fiber is basically a type of carbohydrate which your body cant digest. Fiber cant be broken in to sugar molecules and passes through the body undigested. It is helping to keep hunger and controls blood sugar. Bananas Banans are a good source of Potassium and Vitamin c and fiber.if we eat 1 banana in a day it…

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Healthy snacks which are super delicious in taste

Apple slices with peanut butter Apples are fiber rich fruit and peanuts provide healthy fats plant based protein and fibre Great combination Must Try Dark chocolate and almonds Dark chocolate contains anti oxidents and almonds are a great source of healthy fats Greek Yogurt and mixed berries Greek yogert is high in protein and berries are a great source of…

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Oily scalp during winters follow the steps to get rid of the hair problem in winters


Winters is a season where washing hair is a touch task for all. Some common mistakes we are doing which makes our hair greasy. Each one of us is having a problem of oily scalp during winters often. If your hair has excessive production of sebum oil which is present in your scalp and essential for the growth of your…

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Tips and tricks – Get rid of the stretch marks naturally; Check details


Stretch marks – Stretch marks is a type of scar which develops with the stretch or shrink of the skin. This kind of sudden change in the skin causes the collagen and elastin to rupture and when the skin heels stretch mark may appear. Sometimes changing hormones in the body will also be the reason of stretch marks. The main…

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Foods that will help you to manage anxiety problem


Anxiety is your body natural response to stress. A feeling of nervousness, restlessness or tention increased rate of heart rate, sweating, trembling, feeling weak and tired these are all signs of anxiety. When you are feeling anxiety your body is on high alert and looking for possible danger. If ypou want to maintain health a good balanced diet with exercise…

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Make Your Skin Glowing by using these Ayurvedic Tips: Check Details


Healthy Skincare routine is so much important in daily life. As there is so much pollution now a days so skin can be damaged very easily if you want to make your skin glowing you have to follow a daily skin care routine. If you want a flawless Glowing skin a good healthy diet and exercise is also mandatory. Your…

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Enjoy this season of navratri with delicious Foods


This Year Navratri will start from 7  October,2021.Navratri is nine day long festival of  which is dedicated to goddess durga and her nine forms  called Navdurga . These Nine days people enjoy playing garba,wearing new clothes ,eating delicious foods . Five times navaratri comes in whole year Chaitra,Aashad, Ashwin, Paush and Magh. Ashwin Navratri is the most important navratri of…

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Raksha Bandhan 2021-Celebrate the bond of sister and brother with love check details


Raksha bandhan will be celebrated on 22 August 2021 Sunday this year. It is always celebrated on the full moon day of hindu month Savannah every year. It shows the Great bond of brothers for her sisters. As we all know Raksha means protection so on this day sisters tie rakhi on the hand of their brother and brothers promise…

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Tips to control hair fall by taking care of hair hygiene


Hair fall can be the result of heredity or hormonal changes weather conditions, tough medical condition of the body or can be a normal part of ageing as well. Most commonly men face hairfall commonly and became bald soon. Baldness is the condition when you are facing excessive hair fall. If you are facing hereditary hair loss with ageing effect…

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Monsoon Tips- common things to follow to stay healthy this monsoon

Monsoon season gives us the break from scorching heat of summers. The drizzling environment, cool breeze are here to refresh your mind. We can admire nature by sitting in our balcony and can enjoy this season of monsoon as there are heavy rains roads are filled with water an increase in mosquitoes and seasonal infections. As we are free from…

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