10 best Gifts you can give your loved one this Dusshera


Dusshera is the most awaited festival of 2022 in North Indian states and Karnataka. and the term vijayadashami is popular in west Bengal. It is the most loved and famous festive season as famous ramlila is enacted magnificent fairs are organized. It mainly falls on the tenth day of sharada navratri. This  year it is celebrated on October 5 .People…

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Add These Keratin Based Foods in your diet for healthy nails, Hair and Skin

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Keratin-Keratin is called a protein which aids in formulation of skin’s outermost layer. Hair and nails. Your skin can be nourished wounds can be treated and your hair can be shiny and smooth with the help of Keratin. Our body contains 54 different varieties of keratin we can have these keratin in our body by consuming foods rich in keratin.…

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Eat these foods to Stay Energetic in Navratri Fasting

navratri fasting

Some people think fasting is to stop eating completely or almost completely for a certain stretch of time it usually lasts from 12 hours to 24 hours. In some cases fruits, tea, coffee and a even small amount of food is required during the fast. Coconut water, fruit juices will keep you hydrated during the fasting time.  It happens a…

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How Rainbow Diet is useful in Overall health development of Body

Rainbow diet

Healthy lifestyle is the need of the hour. we can maintain healthy lifestyle by consuming healthy diet. But we often neglect the healthy diet and want to balance the healthy lifestyle only. The gap begins over here . We have to make a balance between these two. Healthy diet we can take by consuming rainbow diet . Read More :…

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Best Barbeque Buffets in Delhi NCR You Must Try

barbeque buffets

Want to party in a environment where you can forget the stress and enjoy the evening meal? Delicious unlimited food, Sassy environment, trendy looks, amazing varieties and lots of fun element is something we look when we go out for dinner with a group. Office get together, Parties or Family dinner’s barbeque dinner buffets are the best to go .…

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Things that can spoil trust in a relationship


Trust is the base of all the relationships. it is the foundation of a healthy relationship. Two people having blind trust on one another is the key of a healthy relationship. Once trust gets broken it cannot be won again easily. Trust can be damaged with lots of reasons like your partner gets intimate with someone else or be always…

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Common causes of Feeling Fatigue and sleepy all the time


We should follow a healthy lifestyle to lead long and healthy life. It should be followed by following adaptive patterns for a healthy lifestyle. We all know that a healthy body supports a healthy mind. Our body requires proper nutrition and sufficient proteins and vitamins for proper growth.  Read More : List of countries where you can do Budgeted and Pocket…

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Nourish your Dry skin with these Best Body oils for dry skin

best oils

Weather change can be cheerful for some people and painful for others. The skin also has some bad effect from cold weather. When temperature drops our skin will become extremely dry. Itchy, Flaky skin and blemishes are the results of Dry skin you can use moisturizers, or lightweight body oils to overcome the difficulties of dry skin. Read More :…

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Early signs which shows that your kidney is at risk

kidney health

Kidneys are bean sized organ on either side of our spine. Kidneys are important organs of our body. Its main job is to filter the blood. And removes waste, control the fluid balance and keep the right levels of electrolytes. Each Kidney has millions of tiny filters called nephrons. There are so many signs indicating a kidney disorder. Let’s discuss…

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All you need to know about bloated stomach

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Feeling Bloated can cause discomfort and indigestion and irritation in your body. There are some foods which can help you in promoting digestion and reduce bloating. Read More : Popular Mustard Oil Brands that offer high quality and affordable Pricing What is bloated stomach A bloated stomach is often feels tight, full and often painful. It is usually a digestive…

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