Here is How to check Your Name in Voters List and make corrections


Everybody should vote, and the procedure to do that is extremely straightforward. All that individuals require is a voter ID card and their name ought to be on the voter list. You can without much of a stretch apply for a voter ID on the web, check the application’s status, and simply check if your name is on the list. After that whole procedure is finished, and you can have your Voter ID card, if you find some any error in your name or address in your ID card then you can apply for the correction of the Voter ID. Fortunately it is conceivable to apply for voter ID correction online .We know a few people whose names are off base on their voter IDs and others whose locations aren’t right and these things can be settled by means of voter ID amendment on the web.

Here are the ways through which you can update your Voter ID and make sure that all the details are correct. You will be given an application status number through which you will be able to track your application.

Following is the way to apply for the correction of the Voter ID.

  • Go to the National Voter Services Portal site, look for the correction tab in discretionary roll and tap or tap on Click here. You may also visit the NVSP Form 8 page straightforwardly as well.
  • Select the dialect by means of the drop-down menu and fill in essential details, for example, your state and Assembly or Parliamentary Constituency, and so forth.
  • Now, look down to segment “Please tick the passage which is to be rectified”. Here you can tick the points of interest that should be settled.
  • When you tick these alternatives, the relating fields will change from dim to white colour and you can now fill in the required information or upload them.
  • Fill whatever is left as said and make sure to mention your personal information like your telephone or mobile number and the email ID.
  • Once that is done, click Submit.
  • After that you may want to check your email because you will receive an email with all the details about your application.

Here are answers to probably the most widely recognized inquiries concerning voter ID amendment on the web.

Where do I apply?

You simply need to fill and submit Form 8 online by means of the NVSP site. You may likewise print this from and submit it at the appointive office nearest to where you reside.

What are the documents I have to submit for voter ID revision?

The archives for voter ID correctiont rely upon the data to be redressed. For example, if your photo is off base, you have to present the right photo. On the off chance that your name is spelled wrong, then you can submit a birth testament, PAN card, visa, or other legitimate archives. You can locate the full rundown of legitimate reports for voter IDs here.

When can I expect to receive my Voter ID?

You can anticipate that it will take around 30 days to get another voter ID card with refreshed data, however this fluctuates a considerable measure contingent upon which part of India you live in.

Do I need to surrender my old Voter ID card?

No, you don’t have to surrender your old voter ID card. Just use the new and updated one.

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