Are you a fresher?  Choose these popular courses to have career growth in your life

Career Path

India’s economy is the fastest growing economy in the world.  Hone are those days when people just think about doctor, lawyer or government employee as a successful career in the life. There is a boom in recent startups  and businesses offer so many opportunities which is ranging from cloud computing to digital Marketing. So you can choose whatever career suits your interest and your passion can be your career. Lets discuss some best popular sources you can pick to give a boost to your career.

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1. Digital Marketing- Digital marketing has recently climbed up the ranks and became the most sought career. Experts of digital marketing has huge responsibilities in the organization as most of the business has shifted online today. Digital marketing experts  ensure that the products or the services marketed will be the recognizable brand and will help in generating revenues in Future.

Various scope of digital marketing work

1. Search engine Marketing(SEM)

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

3. Content marketing

4. Mobile advertising

5. email marketing

6. Web analytics

7. Pay per Click(PPC)

8. Data analysis

2. Artificial intelligence- Artificial intelligence has the potential which has the serious growth job market pattern in the future. Big tech companies like IBM , Amazon, Accenture, are following the AI on a big scale. Al can be applied in software as well as hardware. Machine learning and deep learning  are the two branches in this domain. There is a big job market available in India for Artificial intelligence jobs.

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Various scope of Artificial intelligence work

1. Building software and machines which demonstrate human like behavior.

2. AI process includes learning reasoning and planning process

3. Cyber security- Cyber security is growing career opportunity as we can see that the there is a massive increase in the internet exposure so commercial organizational data and the personal data of the users are at a threat of being misused. One of the main reasons for the industry quick growth is the ever changing technological landscape which necessitates hiring people with varying level of knowledge. There are so many opportunities available in cyber security and a scarcity of qualified candidates to fill them.

Various scope of Cyber security work

1. Cyber security Analyst

2. Network security engineer  

3. Cyber security manager

4. Chief information security officer

4. Block chain certification- The block chain certification course is creating boom in It industry. It is one of the fastest growing skill sets jobs in this domain is growing at a great rate. This certification program helps the learners start the fundamentals and then cover all the technical and fundamental aspects needed to build any block chain solution suing the best tools and techniques in the industry. An incredible scope of Blockchain technology has been observed in the financial field.

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5. Full stack development – Full stack development is one of the highest paying job in India you can have tough competition in this field. It requires knowledge of both front end and server side technologies. If you will complete this course you will be able to design full fledged dynamic websites. You will learn skills like HTML, CSS and JavaScript as front end technologies and Node.js and Python and PHP/ Ruby as back end technologies. Design skills and database like MongoDB and MySQL and VCS and APIs.

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