Detailed instructions, considerations, and more on how to alter delivered messages on WhatsApp


The much-anticipated Edit function for WhatsApp has now been made available. Users will be able to edit and modify a WhatsApp message that has already been delivered within a certain time range with the new Edit function. You might be wondering how this functionality can be useful. The feature, however, will merely allow users to fix errors, make the necessary edits, and even add extra context to a message after it has been sent.

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The feature will be made available to all WhatsApp users on both the Android and iOS platforms in the upcoming months, according to a statement from WhatsApp.

There are a few things you should be aware of before we walk you through the steps for altering a message that has already been delivered on WhatsApp.

The edit window has a 15-minute time limit set by WhatsApp. This indicates that a message can only be changed within 15 minutes of sending.

In order to indicate changes to the recipient or other users, WhatsApp will add a “edited” label or tag next to the time stamp.

Within the 15-minute time frames as well as two days after the message is sent, the Delete for Everyone option is functional.

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Both individual conversations and group chats can use the Edit feature.

Process to edit sent  message on whatsapp

1. Open WhatsApp and browse to any conversation window where you’ve sent a message recently (within the last 15 minutes).

2. Tap the three dots in the top right corner after long pressing the conversation.

3. Pick edit option

4. Make the necessary adjustments, then email the document again.

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Final words – Platforms for instant messaging have had the ability to edit messages for some time. In reality, Telegram and Signal already have the option, and Apple recently added it to iMessage as well. The feature was much required, and since WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging services, it has finally been added to the platform. Simply carry out the aforementioned steps to edit a message that has already been delivered.

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