Don’t want to share your Google search history? Here’s how to turn off the feature


Google keeps a tab of almost everything people search using Google Research regardless of the device one is utilizing. Depending on Google, the info tends to be followed by them stored to enhance their search result. But it includes a few shortcomings also; we usually come across an advertisement centred on our current items that tend to be searched. For instance, shoes, smartphones, and several other activities. This particular feature additionally helps in quicken up the search results based on the people’ search habits.

Not all the people like Google maintaining a loss on each of their online searches and keywords and advertisements being showing on that. For the people, who don’t want Bing to keep the search history, there exists a solution to down change the feature.

Wondering exactly how?

Follow our step by step guide.

I. Using Smart Phones

1. Open ‘Google’ app on your Android or iOS device

2. Tap on the ‘More’ option from the bottom bar

3. Now, tap on the ‘Search activity’ alternative and change the internet off & App Activity toggle under Activity controls section

II. Utilizing Computer or Mac

1. open up an internet browser on your PC or Mac and check out the Address:

2. Sign in using Bing Account details by going into the login code and ID.

3. Once logged in, go through the faucet ‘Web and App Activity.’

4. Here, turn off the ‘Web & App Activity toggle off to stop the solution.

5. customers can also turn the positioning record off toggle alongside YouTube search record to end Google from maintaining a check up on YouTube lookups also location-based information.

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