Good News-Now You Can Order Groceries Easily From JioMart using WhatsApp


Reliance Jio has started its new e-Commerce Platform after signing a historic Deal of $5.7 Billion with Face book. It is predicted that its first impact would be on JioMart  which is a e commerce platform developed by reliance industries. it turns out to be true when Jio and WhatsApp work together and started testing JioMart. The service is currently available in metro cities.

Order using Whatsapp from Jio- Step by Step Guide

WhatsApp has given a dedicated number to order for Reliance Jio. Users will First have to save the WhatsApp  Business number  allotted to JioMart Which is have to open the Whatsapp and select the contact. then send a message to contact .after that an automated message will be sent to you with a link to order groceries from jiomart. .Orders Placed By 5Pm everyday are likely to pick up/delivered at home at your nearest JioMart kirana within 48 hrs.To Order Groceries just click on this link

The link will take you to the JioMart site where you can easily select and order you have to fill your details like Name, Contact number and then you have to click to proceed. When the order became ready and get packed Jiomart will send you a message to you to pick up the goods from your nearest kirana store or free home delivery .Payment will be done when you go to pick up the items or it get delivered it is pretty easy to order through whatsapp

Jiomart also offer free Home delivery and express  delivery JioMart Has confirmed that on this platform over 50000 products including groceries and other essential items will be available on this. JioMart is a WhatsApp Business account as expected.The link sent by JioMart expired in 30 minutes so consumers need to hurry to make the order.People taking more than 30 minutes will need to generate a new link by sending again hello message to that particular number.

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