Health is Wealth- Tips to follow for Great health and nutrition

Health is important as a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. If we want to be healthy we have to follow certain diet chart and avoid those foods which are unhealthy .here we discuss some health and nutrition tips which you can follow to become a healthy person.

1. Avoid sugar Calories-sugary items are favourites for any person but the calories we consume by consuming sugar is very harmful. Sugary drinks leads to obesity diabetes and many heart diseases. Even fruit juices are having high sugary calories which are harmful for health. so always eat raw full fruits rather than consuming too much juices.

2. Dry fruits– Dry fruits are healthy and full of nutrition. They have fibre vitamin E and full of nutrients. So we can have nuts for a healthy diet.

3. Avoid Junk food– junk food as we all know is very unhealthy for our body. These are usually low in fibre and have high sugar calories and having refined gains which are not good for our body.

4. Consume fatty fish-fish is a source of protein and healthy fat. Salmon fish is full of Omega-3 fatty acids and many other nutrients. Some studies show that those people who are consuming fish has low risk of heart disease and depression.

5. Sound Sleep– it is very important to have a sound sleep for a healthy body. Poor sleep can damage your appetite hormones. It can also reduce your physical and mental performance. So sound sleep is very important factor for a healthy body.

6. Drink water– drinking water has number of benefits for our body. We should consume water before meals. And we have to drink 2 litres water every day. Consuming water will lead to weight reduction and and having good effect on our skin.

7. Eat vegetables and fruits– vegetables and fruits are a good source of fibre, minerals and vitamins. it has many antioxidants which lowers the risk of heart diseases.

8. Eat more proteins– having more proteins is good for our health. it will boost our metabolism and also reduce cravings for snack at night. It will also lower blood sugar levels and blood pressure level.

9. Avoid excess stress– stress is the main cause of unhealthy body. We have to do exercise and yoga, deep breathing exercises to reduce stress  

10. Avoid dieting– we have to follow a healthy lifestyle instead of going on dieting because skipping of meals can make our body weak. We have to follow a healthy lifestyle to nourish our body.

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