Process to apply for electricity Subsidy on whatsapp to get discounted bills in Delhi

delhi electricty subsidy

Delhi CM Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has now announced the subsidy of electricity in Delhi optional for Delhi residents. You have to choose whether you want to avail the subsidy for electricity or not. You can have free electricity till 200 units and 50% subsidy for up to 400 units a month. Now a new voluntary subsidy scheme is announced in…

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How you can make your kidneys Healthy

kidney health

Suffering from Blood pressure, Diabetes or family history of Kidney failure it can put you at an increased risk of developing kidney diseases. Even if you are not falling in above categories it’s very important to take care of your kidneys for a healthy living. How we can do it its very simple just make some lifestyle changes and your…

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All you need to know about Time management skills


Time Management is an art and a well managed process which includes the planning and controlling how much time spend on specific activity. Good time management leads to complete more work in shorter span of time and lowers your stress and leads to success in everything you do. Let’s discuss first what the major benefits of time management. Read More…

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What is Autism and how it affects the overall personality of a child

Autism Or Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD) is known as a condition when a person is facing challenges with their social skills repetitive behaviour, speech and verbal communication. Every 1 child out of 100 worldwide is facing some form of ASD but the extent of condition is varying in different individuals. Some people facing autism can live independently but some require…

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Suffering from Hair loss Add these nutrient in your diet to get shiny hair

healthy hair

Long and strong hair can be achieved through healthy lifestyle and healthy diet. As weather is changing and getting extremely hot long summer days with lot of humidity makes the hair dull and grey. Seasonal change always makes our hair undernourished followed by excessive hair fall. Extra care is required for healthy and shiny hair. Long and strong hair is…

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Internet not working properly check the internet speed Via Google


Internet speed check will check the downloading and the uploading speed of the internet. There are several apps and websites which can help to do the internet speed test Google also offered the internet speed test which is very easy to use lets discuss how you can do the internet speed test easily via Google. Google Has partnered with M-Labs…

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Vaccination for children 12-14 Age group go live today Register your child for vaccination using Cowin APP

cowin (1)

India has taken another step towards its goal of vaccination for all against covid-19 and vaccination for children aged from 12-14 Years has started from 16 march Apart from children vaccination everyone aged 60+ will now be able to get precaution doses . The vaccine approved for children 12-14 years of age is corbevax manufactured by Hyderabad based Biological E.…

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Want to do video editing check these sites and Apps for best video editing options

video editing

Normal man to a you tuber or celebrity or professional filmmakers we will use video editing tools for best videos effect. These apps will add extra effects to your videos. There are so many Sites and apps for video editing so it is difficult to choose between them in this article we will discuss some apps and sites which we…

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Make your Whatsapp Account secure with the 2 step verification ; Check Details


Whatsapp is planning to bring the 2 step verification process for desktop and web users. It is good feature for desktop users because 2 step verification will provide additional security for your whatsapp account. This feature is already available for android and ios users. Whatsapp 2 step verification is basically two factor authentication in which you can add extra security…

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Aadhaar Card-How to Apply for a Blue Aadhaar card; Detailed information


UIDAI has launched the blue Aadhaar card in 2018 on the demography ageing 5 Years and below for the most essential document in India since 2009. It is basically Baal Aadhaar card which is Blue in colour and it became invalid once the child crosses the age 5 years of Age. You have to follow the same procedure which we…

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