Here’s What Happens When You Try To Download ‘Uri: The Surgical Strike’ Illegally Off The Internet


Movie is always playing a magnetic role in amusement industry. When we hear about a movie which is highly accolade by our friends we fall in a trap to see it once. But, sometimes due to time constraints or due to some localized factors or some other factors we fail to enjoy it. At such juncture we sometimes take the help of a pirated movie.

However, we must keep in mind that by trying to download “Uri”: The Surgical Strike, we might be ready to face an embarrassment.

For persons like us who go for pirated movie following note of experience from a Face book user will be an eye-opener. When this Facebook user downloaded a 3.8 GB version of: “Uri: the Surgical Strike, he never expected to feel the heat that it generated consequently.

In his Facebook page he shared a video of the movie in playing mood. The video started with a scene centering around two persons discussing a real surgical strike. All of a sudden they faced the camera and started addressing it directly telling the time of the surgical strike and that the strike would be without any knowledge of the affected party. Hell let loose when Major Vihan appeared in the scene and addressed the viewer saying that he entered into the conversation without any knowledge of the two persons who pirated the movie in the way a surgical strike is carried out. He also warned the persons against using pirated movie and advised them to go the Cinema halls instead.

This shows the possible ill-affect of pirated movie.

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