How to check LPG Cylinder subsidy credited in to your bank account or not-A Step by Step Guide


Many consumers in India do not check Whether the LPG cylinder subsidy credited in to their account or not. We can very easily can find out whether it has been transferred in to our bank account or not Households in India are allowed a maximum of 12 LPG Cylinder purchases at subsided rates. First of all we have to pay the full amount of the cylinder at the time of purchase and after that subsidy will be credited in to our account by the Government.LPG cylinder Price is decided on Month basis in india. Normally these rates are revised on 1st of every month. Government has also started the money being directly transferred in to beneficiary bank account. There is no need to visit to bank to check whether LPG subsidy has been credited in to your account or not .The subscribers can check the LPG subsidy money transfer using a mobile phone also. There are some steps you need to follow to check the same.

Step by Step Guide to check LPG Subsidy

1.  Log in to

2. On Home page there is picture and name of three service providers of LPG.

3. Click at the LPG cylinder vender.

4. An interface on LPG cylinder subsidy transfer will get opened.

5. Go to the Bar Menu  and click at ‘Give your feedback Online’

6. Fill up the registered mobile number, LPG consumer ID, State and Distributer details.

7. Then click at ‘Feedback Type’.

8 Choose ‘Complaint option’ and click at ‘Next’

9. A new interface will get opened that has your entire Bank details where you can check your

    LPG Cylinder subsidy transfer.

Thus by devoting some time on this site you can easily check whether LPG Subsidy credited in to your account or not

LPG Subsidy Helpline Number     

Sometimes when you have questions or doubt about LPG subsidy Scheme. You can call Up to a common helpline number 1800-2333-555. All the consumers of LPG Customers of HP Gas, Indane, Bharat Gas Can call up this helpline number to resolve their Queries.

Note : Hon’ble Prime minister Shri Narendra  Modi Has Formally launched ‘GiveitUp’ Movement on 27  March 2015 in Delhi and appealed to all countrymen who can afford it, to come forward and give up their LPG subsidy. Every consumer who gives up LPG subsidy will help to provide LPG connection to BPL Family. This will truly be a gift of good health to the women and children of these poor families who suffer most from health issue caused by indoor pollution by using fuels like coal,firewood,crop waste etc.


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