How to Connect Android to TV


You have downloaded some of the latest movies on your mobile phone but want to watch it on the television screen now, because the entire family is looking forward to it. So, how do we connect our Android smartphone on the LCD/LED TVs? You can definitely connect your Android device using an HDMI cable. Buy a converter and if you have one already, then well and good. You will need it to connect your phone through the micro USB port. But there are many other ways to connect your Android device with your television too. Read on and you will get to know all the other ways.


You can buy a Chromecast from online and use this as a streaming device. It is a media streaming device and will let you cast the Android smartphone device. It uses WiFi to cast the videos. You can buy it at just Rs. 2800 from sites like Amazon and Flipkart. Chromecast has a newer version too. The Chromecast 2, which will be of around Rs. 3700. Now open the Chromecast application and exit. Click on network settings, you will find it in the settings option. Click on the chromecast option. Now reopen Chromecast app and click on next. You will receive a code, confirm it. Set up the Chromecast by selecting the right country, add your name if you wish to, and add the wireless network as well.

For the next step click any of the apps that support the device, like Netflix or YouTube. Click on the screencasting icon, select Chromecast. In case if you have added your name as your Chromecast device, you will see that. Wait for some time and you shall see your phone’s screen on the television screen. After that use your phone as a remote control and watch your favourite movie with your family and friends.

2. Mirrascreen

Another device which you can use is Mirrascreen, just like Google Chromecast it also allows you to cast your phone on your television screen. The setup is same as Chromecast and you can follow the same steps. You can also buy it from online platforms like Amazon and Flipkart at just Rs. 1700. This particular device is manufactured in China whereas Chromecast belongs to Google. It works fine and you can easily cast movies and videos from your Android device to the television screen.

3. MHL cable

The third way to operate your mobile phone on the television screen is by using an MHL cable. This yet again allows you to cast your mobile on your Television screen.

You will see three ports, one port needs to be plugged into the micro USB end of your Android mobile phone and then the other end which is the HDMI port to your television’s HDMI port. The last one needs to be connected to receive electricity supply. This is the cheapest way to connect your mobile to your television. This should cost you Rs. 600. Buy the MHL cable online from any of the famous E-commerce platforms. 

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