Instagram users maysoon send direct messages using desktop web


The web version of Instagram doesn’t have some basic features like Direct Messaging (DM). This shortcoming is going to be over as Facebook-owned photo-sharing app is testing the DM feature for the web. Once throughit will be possible to send text messages through Instagram from a mobile or desktop browser soon.

Presently, the web users of Instagram have options only to scroll through their Instagram. Importantly it lacks DM feature and the users don’t have options to post stories.  Instagram doesn’t allow its users to upload photos or stories from the desktop. Also, the Instagram users cannot upload photos from the web. For that purpose, they have to switch to the Instagram’s mobile app.

Jane Manchun Wong, a tech blogger, who himself used Twitter to share the screenshots, is the first man to know Instagram DM feature on the web. 

In the meantime, Instagram is engaged in testing its separate messaging app ‘Direct’ in six different countries. This “direct’ messaging app could be the first step towards integration of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

As early as in 2016, Instagram had added the notification feature and in 2017it included the explore feature for the web users. Therefore, ability to send DMs would come as another feather to Instagram’s cap- a companywhich has more than one billion consumerbases. Facebook had also unveiled chat feature on web without making it public on the mobile phones. In the same manner, WhatsApp had launched a web version in 2015 which was followed by desktop clients in 2016.

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