Lifestyle suggestions to maintain physical energy during the day

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Experiencing constant fatigue? Even at the beginning of the day, some people may have a heavy sense of sluggishness and weakness. Due in large part to the sedentary lifestyles we all lead, daytime weariness has emerged as a serious issue. This sluggishness encourages procrastination and reduces productivity throughout the day. Long-term disregard may start to have an impact on both physical and emotional health.

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But how do we actually overcome this fatigue? Here are a few lifestyle hacks to incorporate in order to maintain constant energy levels.

1. Increase intake of vitamin B- Vitamins are crucial for the transformation of food into energy. B complex vitamins help the body stay energized by converting carbohydrates into energy. For the creation of energy, pyridoxine, folic acid, and vitamin B12 are required. Significant low energy, weariness, mood fluctuations, irritability, anxiousness, and fatigue are symptoms of low B12 levels. In non-vegetarian foods like eggs and dairy products like cheese, paneer, and curd, B12 can be found. B vitamins are present in whole grains, legumes, pulses, and dairy products.

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2. Protein Balance- More protein and less carbs—but not none at all—can both help you feel more energised. Having too many carbohydrates makes you feel sluggish and tired (dal chaval, biryani). Protein-rich diets also help the immune system.

3. Aim to Stay Hydrated- Drink more water and consume less alcohol to hydrate your body and increase your energy. Alcohol causes you to become dehydrated and feel tired, but water hydrates you. Butter milk, coconut water, and fresh lime water are all effective hydrators.

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4. Efficacy of power naps- It never fails to increase energy and memory to take a power sleep for 20 to 30 minutes.

5. Emotion management- Control your rage and fear. One of the main causes of depleting your energy reserves is anger. You can feel physically weary after it. Similar principles apply to anxiety. Manage these feelings using yoga, meditation, awareness, speech control, deep breathing, and other relaxation techniques. You can also listen to music or seek professional counseling. Improved mental clarity contributes to increased energy.

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6. Magnesium foods- Increase your magnesium intake. Due to its involvement in more than 300 metabolic processes within the body, this mineral aids in reducing weariness. To increase your magnesium intake, consume a handful of nuts or sip some mint and coriander juice. Additionally, eating fish adds a healthy quantity of magnesium to your diet each day.

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7. Thyroid check- Check the thyroid’s efficiency. None of the aforementioned treatments will be effective if your thyroid is underactive. Anaemia is the same way. With food, vitamins, and homeopathy, these two illnesses can be cured. 8. Accept wholesome fats: One spoonful of flaxseeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, and walnuts can assist your body get the healthy fats it needs for proper energy metabolism.

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