List of countries where you can do Budgeted and Pocket Friendly Travel

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We all wanted to travel and spend some time in exploring the world around us. Some times time is lacking and sometimes funds. After the numerous lockdowns and border closure in 2020 people now dying to travel other countries. We all are stuck in our homes for a long time watching TV, exploring social media, reading and exploring the destinations where we can travel. Some people are trying to get back to their feet again due to financial crunches. Good news is that some countries are there where travelling is cheap and affordable only you need to choose the right places. Let’s explore some destinations where you can visit budget friendly.

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1. Combodia- Cambodia is the cheapest country to visit in southeast asia. Top things you can visit in combodia includes visiting magnificent khmer temples in siem Reap and take a tour to the museum and palaces in the capital city of phnom penh.

2. Vietnem- vietnem is known for the best country for street food so if you are a foodie you should add vietnem in your bucket list. It is also famous for natural attractions like world’s longest cave. Accomodation and transportation both are so much affordable here. That’s why it is adds in the list of cheapest country to visit.

3. Indonesia- Indonesia is again very cheap country to travel. It is known for its thousands of islands. You can visit the most popular island of Bali or can go for Tourist Island such as Lombok or java. You can treat your taste buds with flavorful local food and can stay in guesthouses in a cheap rate.

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4. Nepal- if you are an adventurous traveler you can add Nepal in your bucket list of travel. You can explore the remote areas of Nepal it is great place to visit and one of the cheap places where you can enjoy in a budget. So many people visited here to hike Mount Everest it is a popular destination for trekking. You can stay in budgeted guest houses and can taste home cooked meals.

5. Morocco- morocco is most affordable African country to visit. It is a chaotic and colorful city to visit. Most travelers visit here to explore the massive medina and want to visit Sahara desert and atlas mountains. You can buy food from local eateries instead of restaurants to save money hostels are very cheap  and affordable.

6. Egypt- Egypt is located in Africa and has a lot to offer. It has great history and culture. You can feel delight in all history and architecture lovers as all the temples and monuments have a great story behind their formation. The best time to visit Egypt is October to April as the winter is tolerable than heat in Egypt.

7. Hungary- Hungary is the among the top 10 cheapest countries to visit. Its capital is Budapest city which was an attraction for entire bollywood .  Budapest is known as city of lights and gives tough competition to Paris  you can visit magnificent Buda castle which is known as UNESCO world  heritage site.

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