Medicinal & General Health Benefits of Aloe Vera (Ghritkumari)


Aloe Vera is a plant which is full of medicinal and general benefits. it is also  good for our skin and hair. it is known as ghritkumari in Hindi. It is easily found in each house and plotted as indoor plant. Some people use it for improving the skin and hair quality. The juices of Aloe Vera  is easily available in grocery stores and online. it is full of nutrition if it consumes raw and unprocessed. It has almost a nutreal taste. Let’s discuss all the health benefits of Aloe Vera and how we can easily add in to our diet.

Benefits of Aloe Vera

1. it is rich in antioxidants and full of inflammatory properties. We can apply it topically or consumed it will improve our skin and hair quality.

2. Aloe Vera boosts our digestion process. It gives our digestive system a smooth functioning. it increases the level of good bacteria in our body and helps to improve our digestive system .

3. Some studies show that Aloe Vera help in Type 2 diabetics by enhancing the insulin sensitivity and improve the blood sugar levels.

4. it helps in managing the weight also its gel has anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties which boost our immunity and digestion.

Consumption of Aloe vera

1. We can easily consume it by making a juice of it. we have to cut it in small portions and scoop the gel out we can mix it with coconut water or plain water to make a juice.

2. We can add its leaves to make a salad as well you can wash or chop the leaves and mix it with summer salads.

3. We can add the gel to salad dressings as well it can be mixed with olive oil or vinegar easily.

4. We can make the ice cubes from the diluted gel and place it on burns for soothing effect immediate relief can be taken by applying it to the affected area.

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