Popular Make Up removers for healthy and glowing skin

Make up remover

Clean and healthy skin is the dream of everybody. Make up removers, Micellar water, cleansing balms and remover wipes helps everybody to remove the make up quickly and the process is convenient and mess free.

Advantages of Makeup removers

1.  It removes make up quickly

2. More effective on water proof makeup

3. Safe of frequent use

4. Non drying formula to soothe your skin

5. Get rid of dirt and excess Oil

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You have to check the ingredients list and ensure that the makeup remover is free from any harsh chemicals. it should not include paraben, alcohol, sulphate and any other type of harmful ingredients. Pick the one which is according to your skin type and needs.

Popular make up removers for your skin

1. Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water- Garnier Micellar water works as a great make up remover and cleanser. It removes dust dirt and make up from your skin and requires no rubbing. It contains no added alcohol and parabens and very gentle on your skin. It is suitable for all Skin types including sensitive skin. It is enriched with cleansing molecules called micelles that attract make up and other impurities which lift away the pores like a magnet. It is good and mild on our skin.

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2. Lavenza Deep Detox Cleansing Balm- This is soap free daily use cleansing balm emulsifies with water in to a luxurious creamy texture that gently removes deep lying dirt , pollutants and excess oil for a perfectly clean, Breathable and hydrated skin. This natural formula helps in breaking down makeup including waterproof  mascaras  and long lasting lipsticks.  It helps in restoring the skin moisture and change skin PH and deeply nourishes  for a balanced and smooth skin. It is free from parabens  sulphates and mineral oil  and harmful chemicals.

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3.Revlon eye and lip make up remover- this creamy make up remover lifts away all kinds of makeup including longwearing and transfer resistant makeup. it is residue free, Non Irritating and prevents breakouts  it can be easily applied on your face eyes and lips and leaves  your skin smooth soft and clean.

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4. Biotique Bio Almond Oil make up cleanser- Biotique make up and skincare products are infused with good ness of Vitamin E  and antioxidants  this lotion gently rids your skin of dirt and makeup  it has lots of best ingredients like almond oil  safflower, neem , and staff tree oils.

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5. Garnier skin Naturals Micellar oil infused water- Garnier micellar water works as a great make up remover and cleanser  for heavy and water proof make up it removes dirt , dust and make up from your skin and requires no rubbing it is full of argon Oil which deeply nourishes your skin. It is enriched with cleansing molecules called micelles which attract make up and other impurities and lifting them away from your pores like a magnet.

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