Step-By-Step Guide Use WhatsApp’s Screen Share Feature


WhatsApp has grown into one of the most popular social messaging apps, used for both personal and professional communication. While there are numerous apps for screen sharing, WhatsApp has jumped on the bandwagon and released its own screen sharing feature.

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WhatsApp Screen Sharing Feature

During video calls, users can use the application’s screen sharing feature to share their screen and allow others to see everything on it in real time. This feature is cross-platform, which means you can show your screen to anyone who uses WhatsApp on any platform, including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, or web. This feature allows you to collaborate on work documents, share photos with family members, plan vacations, shop online with friends, and help grandparents with technical issues.

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Process to use WhatsApp Screen Sharing Feature

Here’s how to use WhatsApp’s screen-sharing feature:

Make sure you have the most recent version of WhatsApp installed on your phone.

Begin a video call with one or more contacts.

During the video call, you will notice a new ‘Share’ icon at the bottom of your screen. It resembles a phone with an arrow sticking out of it.

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You will be prompted to grant WhatsApp screen-sharing access. To confirm, tap either ‘Start Now’ or ‘Start Broadcast’.

Your display will then be presented to another person.

If you do not wish to show your screen,  tap the ‘Stop Sharing’ button at the bottom.

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