Top Air Purifiers for Your Home and office in India

Air purifiers

Clean Air is as important as life today. The low quality air and pollution rising in air has caused schools and offices shut in the country. So if you want to live a healthy life you have to invest on buying a good air Purifier. Pandemic has taught us the importance of clean and fresh air. Best Air purifier will help us to protect the health and well being of our near and dear ones. So if you want to buy the best purifiers you can pick one from our shortlist ones.

1. Mi Air purifier 3- The mi Air purifier 3 is an Amazon bestseller product with true Hepa Filter with filtration efficiency of 99.97% for particles size up to 0.1 microns. It is available under RS 10000 In India. It can Work with Google assistant and Alexa. It has 360 degree air intake and with 3 layer filtration and gives an effective coverage area up to 484Sqft.

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2. Carrier Air One Room Air purifier- Carrier Air purifier is one of the best to buy with 3 stage filtration process and HEPA H11 Filter and activated carbon Filter. You can Auto mode to adjust the speed of air flow depending on Air quality. Sleep mode option will provide you lower sound operations and filter replacement reminder. A Pm2.5 display and color indicator to keep you up to date with quality of Air.

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3. Nectar HexaDuo Air Purifier- Neator Hexa Duo Air purifier has HIRD a proprietary technology used in the portable Air purifier which completely removes bacteria when it passes through the electrostatic field and pollutants are collected in the collector array. It is ozone friendly and ARB certified which quickly purify a 120 sqft room within 15 minutes. 360 degree rotation to adjust the different air flow direction with 3 speed settings Low, Medium and High. It is very easy to clean A cleaning alert goes on every 3 month priced in Budget under 10000

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4. PHILIPS AC1217/20 Portable Room Air Purifier- keep your indoor air free from dust dander and microorganisms with Philips. It gives high performance up to high air Delivery which purify the rooms up to 29m2 it is Equipped with three layer filtration of Nano Protect HEPA, Active carbon and pre filter price is under 10000

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5. Blue Star Portable Room Air Purifier Blue star is an effective Air purifier which has digital Numeric indicater which gives you a real time track record of the air purification Process. The led indicator allows you to monitor the indoor Odour. It has good sleep mode which purifies the air throughout the night

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6. Kent Aura Air Purifier- Kent is a trusted brand which provide quality Air purifiers for your home.Kent aura is coming with HEPA Filter which has a coverage of 290sq ft / 27 Meters which is best for living rooms and bed rooms. It has inbuilt ionizer to improve the Air quality and refreshing the room and having one touch child lock feature for safety.

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7. Havells Freshia Air purifier This is one of the best buy with True HEPA Technology and noiseless BLDC has unique safety controls like sleep mode,Manual timer setting Automatic filter replacement, Odour sensor removes 99.18% allergens and Filtration up to 0.3 microns  it has 5 stage of air filtration Pre-Filter, Cold-Catalyst, Activated Carbon, Antibacterial and HEPA

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Features of a Good Air Purifier

1.  Noise level is one of the main feature of a good Air purifier. If an Air purifier is very loud you should avoid buying it.

2. Look for the best Air filter tech in the air purifier True HEPA Filter should capture 99.97% of particles Peco filters destroys the pollutants carbon filter trap the pollutants HEPA Filter technique is the most effective one.

3. Cost of the filter is another aspect you should consider before buying Air purifier

4. You have to pick the air purifier according to the size of the room Small Air purifiers are designed for your personal place and medium size air purifiers are for rooms 300 to 699 sq ft                                         

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