Want to know about the deduction from the salary for the upcoming income year 2019-2020?


The Finance Minister, in Budget 2018, has not gotten the much-expected changes in assessment pieces. Nor has he amended on Section 80C concerning the raising cutoff points for the individual citizens. Nonetheless, the salaried class still have something to celebrate about after the financial plan.


He has proposed to reintroduce the ‘Standard Deduction’ of Rs 40,000. What is a standard derivation you ask? Well, it is a settled measure of derivation – let us take an example, a measure of Rs 40,000 which can be reduced by salaried citizens, from their gross compensation. Strikingly, the arrangement of Standard Deduction was before accessible yet was cancelled in the Finance Act 2005. It is additionally suggested that this would supplant the current transport stipend of Rs 1600 every month and restorative compensation of Rs 15,000 for each annum. They are typically deducted from the gross compensation and asserted as an exclusion. The administration has proposed essential alterations to Section 17(2)(viii) of the Income-charge Act, 1961.


Resultantly, if the standard derivation of Rs 40,000 replaces medicinal stipend of Rs 15,000 and transport recompense of Rs 1600 every month i.e. 19,200 for each annum, the successful extra advantage because of the standard derivation would be an extra salary exclusion of Rs 5,800

Citizens Receiving Pension

In an ongoing elucidation issued by the Income Tax department, if a citizen has received a benefit from the previous company, it is assessable under the head ‘Pay rates’. In this way, the citizen will be qualified for case of a standard deduction which will be of Rs. 40,000 or the measure of annuity, whichever is less.

All said and done, however, the effect of this alteration for the salaried may have all the earmarks of being insignificant, bosses, with this move, would remain to pick up as far as being saved of a ton of managerial endeavours in preparing hospital expenses of its representatives. Maybe, that was the aim of the law-making body!

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