Want to put an end to WhatsApp eating your mobile phone storage? Well, here’s how


WhatsApp is a standout amongst the most prominent and regularly utilised texting applications. Text messages as well as permits sharing and exchange of mass media records like pictures, recordings and sound documents. In any case, the transfer of these records and media negatively affect your cell phone’s stockpiling limit. There are impermanent records that take up a ton of lump of your stockpiling and besides, if the settings are set to default, every one of the media documents you get is downloaded into your cell phone. So if your cell phone stockpiling is coming up till the edge with garbage record, perhaps the time has come to change a few settings and spare some time on cell phone spring cleaning.

For Android clients, the following are the means to change your default settings:

Open WhatsApp

Tap on the three choices on the upper right corner

Click on the setting option

Tap on chats now 

Search for media visibility

Switch it off

On the off chance that you are an iPhone user, pursue the means referenced underneath:

Open WhatsApp

Tap on the Settings choice on the base right corner

You will have to data and click on storage usage

You will have to choose as to when WhatsApp shall download and save files, such as videos, audios, and documents.

Tap on each kind of media, and never pick Wi-Fi, or Wi-Fi and Cellular.

For changing the settings just for explicit contact, for both Android and iPhone clients, one can mainly,

Open the chat option

Tap on the three dab choice on the upper right corner

Select view contact

Now you will have to choose the media visibility

The application will at that point brief you with “Show recently downloaded media from this chat in your telephone’s display?”

You will have to select “No”.

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