How You can check Policy status and Premium due details of LIC via Whatsapp

lic whatsapp

The benefits that Lic Policy subscribers can receive through WhatsApp include premium information and statement of Ulip information. For policyholders who have entered their registered cellphone number on The Lic Online Portal, the lic just established the whatsapp service. Policyholders can avail several benefits like getting premium details and a statement of Ulip plan through Lic official whatsapp chatbox. Read…

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How you can reduce the Arthritis pain in winters


Swelling and soreness of one or more joints are the main symptoms of arthritis. If you talk about the symptoms, joint pain and stiffness are the key ones, and they become worse as you age. Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are the two kinds of arthritis. Osteoarthritis leads to the breakdown of cartilage, the tough and slick tissue that covers the…

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All You need to know while choosing Best Induction stove in India

best induction stove

Induction stoves are so popular nowadays as we all know that cooking experience in Induction stoves are amazing and hassle free. You have to check the important features while purchasing best induction stoves like wattage consumption and cooking time controls and other several cooking options. Most of the induction stoves are preset with defined menus like Pizza, roti, Curries and…

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Why Waxing is preferred over shaving


Waxing and shaving techniques of Hair removal are completely different. As we all know that waxing pulls the hair from roots through repetitive tugs and shaving is like more of a trim only removing hair from the surface of the skin and leaving the root intact. If you are confused that which method is best for you What is waxing…

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10 best Gifts you can give your loved one this Dusshera


Dusshera is the most awaited festival of 2022 in North Indian states and Karnataka. and the term vijayadashami is popular in west Bengal. It is the most loved and famous festive season as famous ramlila is enacted magnificent fairs are organized. It mainly falls on the tenth day of sharada navratri. This  year it is celebrated on October 5 .People…

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How to do checking of Live Train Status and PNR without Visiting Any Website

PNR whatsapp

IRCTC has recently launched a great service for Train passengers where you can check the live Train status and PNR without visiting any website. There is no need to open the railway website you can check the status from the comfort of your home. This service has been started on whatsapp platform lets discuss how you can easily check the…

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Process to apply for electricity Subsidy on whatsapp to get discounted bills in Delhi

delhi electricty subsidy

Delhi CM Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has now announced the subsidy of electricity in Delhi optional for Delhi residents. You have to choose whether you want to avail the subsidy for electricity or not. You can have free electricity till 200 units and 50% subsidy for up to 400 units a month. Now a new voluntary subsidy scheme is announced in…

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All you need to know about the cheaper Netflix plans in India

Netflix (1)

Netflix is a streaming device which offers a wide variety of award winning shows, movies, documentaries and many more on thousands of internet connected devices.  You can watch according to your preference and even without a single ad and price is so budgeted. There is always new and interesting coming every week which can entertain you in a better way.…

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Tips to take care of your Dry skin in winters


Cold and dry air outside in winters disrupts the skin in winters. we have dry, itchy Skin for everyone. When we go out we face chilled air and inside heat will make the problem of skin worse and lead to cracked and bleeding skin. Our skin sometimes look worse in winters we have to deal with rapidly changing atmosphere hot…

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How you can save money for your future

money (16)

Saving money is an art if we have to decide which money we can save we definitely rely on our salary or business income for savings in future. We have to make a system how we can save money on regular basis. We can follow the rule like at least we have to save 20% of our salary each month…

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