10 points to check before you file your IT returns


Filling an ITR form is not really difficult. One can actually take care of it all alone. The procedure is quite straightforward. In any case, you have to keep in mind a couple of things before recording the income tax form. Likewise, this year, the I-T office has informed a few new assessment form frames which are appropriate for the monetary year 2017-18. Thus, on the off chance that you are prepared to record your ITR, keep in mind these 10 things before you continueto claim your income tax return.

  • Select the right ITR Form:

Now, there total 7 ITR form and you have to make sure to pick the correct one which will directly depend on your income. If in case, you fail to pick the right UTR form, then your ITR submission will be dismissed by the assessment division.

  • Furnish individual subtle elements legitimately:

Make sure to give correct PAN, Email ID, Contact Number, Bank Account Number and IFSC code precisely to maintain a strategic distance from the dismissal of ITR Filing. In the event that you give the wrong PAN, there will be an information jumble prompting the dismissal of e-documenting.

  • Mention all wellsprings of pay:

Some people avoid mentioning their tax-exempted amounts, however, it is always better to mention both the assessable and non-assessable income. In the event that you don’t specify all wage, the duty office calls this ‘covering of wage’. You could get an Income Tax Notice for this. So, better to mention both of them.

  • Claim conclusions under the fitting Section:

If you try to claimdeductions under the wrong segments, you would arrive up with more assessment liabilities. In the event that you have made ventures wherein you could achieve tax cuts and neglect to specify them when documenting ITR, you pay a higher duty.

  • Check Form 16 and Form 26AS for any crisscross:

Form 26 AS gives subtle elements of TDS deducted by employers and bank, progress charges paid, and even self-appraisal impose. In the event that you are a salaried worker, check pay and expense points of interest in Form 16 opposite Form 26AS for a jumble. Not doing as such could mean paying higher taxes or a lesser discount and in the direct outcome imaginable, an income tax notice for sure.

  • Your TDS is deducted more than once:

This normally happens when you change employment in a Financial Year. Your first business has deducted TDS and stored charges with the duty office relying upon salary earned. The second manager could likewise deduct TDS for the same monetary year, being unaware about the prior tax deduction at your previous company. Share your TDS details with the new employer to maintain a strategic distance from twofold reasonings.

  • Calculate charge risk precisely:

After recognizing the wellsprings of wage, figure assesses obligation precisely. On the off chance that you end with the wrong expense figures, you could get anotice.

  • Claim a misfortune if any:

If you have brought about a misfortune while selling a property, you can claim such a misfortune when recording ITR, the only condition is you do this by the due date. In the event that you miss the due date, the misfortune can’t be conveyed forward.

  • Information on certain predefined ventures:

Information on certain predetermined speculations: a) These could be cash depositwhich is more than Rs 10 lakhs. b) Mutual Funds in an overabundance of Rs 2 Lakhs. c) Property purchased/sold in an overabundance of Rs 2 Lakh.

  • File your ITR on time:

The remainder of recording your ITR is 31 July, neglecting to do as such, you should pay a fine of Rs 5000. In addition, if you document your ITR after 31st December, you need to pay a fine of Rs 10000. Be that as it may, salaried people whose pay salary is under Rs 5 lakhs, they have to pay a settled fine of Rs 1000. Consequently, one must file their ITR form on time to avoid serious consequences.

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  1. S. Vaidyanathan

    In the check list of 10 points, under “crisscross form 16 and 26AS” heading you could have highlighted that whatever 16 states on salary and TDS, the foot print for IT Dept. is 26AS which is Magna Carta for both assessee and ITDept. Since columns are pre-filled by IT dept system, we have no scope to correct any discrepancies unless interacted with concerned.

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