Dry Fruits that Lower Uric Acid Levels

Hyperuricemia is commonly defined as a high serum uric acid level. High uric acid levels can result from the body producing too much or not excreting enough uric acid. The kidneys and urine eliminate uric acid from the body. Excessive alcohol consumption, genetics, kidney problems, leukemia, or obesity can all contribute to high uric acid levels. Certain foods can aid…

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Check out these easy procedures to see how to read deleted WhatsApp messages.


Have you ever been in the irritating scenario of receiving a WhatsApp notification, only to find that the sender erased the message before you could read it? The ‘Delete for Everyone’ option, which WhatsApp introduced in 2017, allows users to delete messages within a two-day timeframe of when they were sent. Although this tool has its uses, it might also…

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How to check the online appointment date for a Passport


One of the essential papers provided to Indian residents by the Ministry of External Affairs for overseas travel is the passport. According to the Passports Act of 1967, it also acts as documentation of Indian citizenship, allowing the bearer to travel abroad. Most nations on earth accept the Indian passport as a recognized form of identification for travelling there. Read…

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Process to prevent access to certain YouTube channels’ content


YouTube now provides much more than just the ability to view and submit videos, transcending the concept of a simple video-sharing platform. But the concept of uploading video is still around, and as a result, everyone has the ability to publish whatever they want as long as they abide by Google’s terms and conditions. Read More : Popular IFB Washing…

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Process to check EPF balance online


Employees’ Provident Fund is known as EPF. It is a retirement savings programme that is necessary for all Indian workers making up to Rs 15,000 per month. The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) oversees the EPF programme. It is a contributing system in which the employee’s EPF account is financed by both the employer and the employee. 12% of the…

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How to Deactivate Your Facebook Account on a Computer or a Mobile App

Facebook was established more than 15 years ago. With about three billion active members each month, it is one of the most well-known social media platforms on the Internet, if not the most popular. There is a strong possibility that you have a Facebook account if you are reading this. Users have the option to deactivate or permanently erase their…

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Process to move contacts from an Android Phone to an iPhone

Transfer contacts

It can be difficult to make the switch from an Android phone to an iPhone. It’s a whole different ecosystem, one that is more restricted and tightly knit. When it comes to moving data, there are a few methods you may ease the move. A Google account can be a shared location that can assist you in relocating your data,…

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How you can reduce the Arthritis pain in winters


Swelling and soreness of one or more joints are the main symptoms of arthritis. If you talk about the symptoms, joint pain and stiffness are the key ones, and they become worse as you age. Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are the two kinds of arthritis. Osteoarthritis leads to the breakdown of cartilage, the tough and slick tissue that covers the…

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Tips to take care of your Dry skin in winters


Cold and dry air outside in winters disrupts the skin in winters. we have dry, itchy Skin for everyone. When we go out we face chilled air and inside heat will make the problem of skin worse and lead to cracked and bleeding skin. Our skin sometimes look worse in winters we have to deal with rapidly changing atmosphere hot…

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Party with your friends anywhere with Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers in India

Best-portable-wireless-speaker-in-india (1)

We can’t imagine life without music. Music is everywhere music is in fact universal. Interaction between auditory areas of Brain and reward system drives pleasure when we listen to music. A party without music is no way fun. With Bluetooth speakers in the market music is accessible in recent years so easily anywhere. Bluetooth speakers are similar to any other…

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