5 New Matte Lipsticks to Try Now

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The majority of current beauty trends revolve around appearing as dewy as possible. Anyone for glass skin and glossy lips? While we all adore a plump and juicy pout, I believe we can all agree that a classic matte lip will always be timeless.

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We admit that finding the perfect matte lipstick can be challenging. Although the pigment payoff is excellent, most matte lipsticks are excessively drying, heavy on the lips, and downright uncomfortable. But the beauty industry has changed dramatically, and with new cosmetic innovations, the newer matte lippies aren’t the same as the mattes we remember.

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MAC Locked Kiss Lipstick

MAC’s 24-hour wear liquid Locked Kiss Ink lip may be familiar to you. They’ve just released a lipstick version of these long-lasting, transfer-proof, water-proof, and kiss-proof lippies, and it’s one of the best matte lipsticks on the market right now. It has a slightly creamy consistency when first swatched before setting into a powder matte finish that won’t budge! Perfect for date nights because you won’t get lipstick all over your face while eating or smooching.

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NARS Powermatte Lipstick

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If you like NARS’ Powermatte Lip Pigment, you’ll like their Powermatte Lipstick. It is not only easier to apply, but it also provides the same bold, full matte coverage pigment in a single swipe. It’s transfer-proof, smudge-proof, waterproof, and extremely durable. Most importantly, it is so light on the lips that you won’t even notice it’s there. If you’re going to events or have a special occasion to attend and don’t want to worry about retouching your lips, this is a must-have.

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ABSIDY Cashmere Kiss Lipstick

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If you’re looking for something more casual, Absidy, a new local beauty brand, should be on your radar. Their Cashmere Kiss Lipstick glides on smoothly, has buildable pigment, and gives your lips a natural soft matte blur. They have the ideal MLBB shades to make your lips appear extra plush. It also comes in beautiful, minimalist packaging that every “clean girl” will adore.

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Happy Skin is one of the beauty brands that never disappoints when it comes to F-beauty, especially when it comes to their lipsticks. This is why you must try their highly pigmented Off Duty Lip Cloud Matte Lipstick, which has the feel of a cream but a matte finish. It’s light, non-cracking, and extremely hydrating! You can also rely on its durability to get you through a chic girls’ night out. The best part? To keep your lips nourished, it contains SPF 15, Hyaluronic Acid, Squalane, and Vitamin E!

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ISSY True Matte Lip Bullet

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Issy is best known for their extensive range of base makeup, but they’ve been steadily expanding their line of color cosmetics and have finally released a line of bullet lipsticks. To stay true to their mission of bringing the most inclusive makeup to the Philippines, they released 21 different lip bullet shades divided into three finishes. When worn on the lips, their True Mattes have an airy powdery feel, are very opaque, and highly pigmented. They aren’t transfer- or smudge-proof, but they last a long time.

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