7 Helpful phone tricks that can simplify your life


Phones were formerly solely used for making phone calls to other people. These days, you can use your phone to play games, view films, and perform a variety of other tasks that you might not even be aware of. Here are popular practical phone tricks that will dazzle your relatives and friends.

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Uninstall useless Apps-You might find that your new phone already has a lot of apps installed when you first acquire it. There is, however, no justification for them to remain. Some of these applications might use important storage or memory, so it’s advisable to delete them as soon as you can if you aren’t using them. Your phone will operate quicker and appear cleaner as a result.

Edit quick settings- The most frequently used settings are displayed when you scroll down from the fast settings menu, or Control Centre on iPhones. You’ll be glad to know that it’s simple to change what shows in the fast settings menu if you discover that you frequently extend the window to access other options like aeroplane mode or dark mode. Every time you utilise this setting, you will gain important seconds, which over time will certainly mount up.

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Turn Off rotation- Have you ever tried to use your phone while lying on your side and the screen kept spinning? By navigating to your settings and disabling auto-rotate, you may stop that from happening and ensure that the phone’s display only rotates horizontally when you want it to. From that point forward, your phone will show a little rotate symbol that you may click on if you choose to rotate instead of turning

Add captions to photos- Have you ever used a photo to help you recall something? Or do you want to give the gorgeous photo you just took a little more context? You may add a title or explanation by sliding up on any image in your camera roll, which can help you remember memorable moments. Even if a picture may be worth a thousand words, a brief statement might assist explain what those words actually meant.

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Install apps on your phone with your computer- Only Android users may use this. You may download apps to your phone directly from your computer if your phone and PC are both connected to the same email account. You may browse and download a new productivity app, game, or anything else you desire by simply logging onto the Google Play store through your computer while your phone is charging in the adjacent room.

Customize notifications- Have you received a notice from a game you haven’t played in three months or the long-awaited email on your phone? It might be time to add personalized alerts for various applications to your notifications. You won’t be reaching for your phone in a panic because you believe they’ve texted you back just to discover that your horoscope app said something hurtful.

Take a photo with the volume button- Want to snap selfies that look much more authentic? Simply press the volume button on your phone to take the picture rather than swiping your finger over the screen to find the photo button while you strike a stance. Even headphones with built-in volume controls function in this way, allowing you to grin instead of worrying about where to click.

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Control your smart home from your phone-Despite not wanting to get out of bed, you want to turn out the lights. Just grab your phone and start working from there. The power button on the majority of Android smartphones now has a function that, when long-clicked, displays a shortcut to all of your smart home devices. On your phone, you may adjust the lighting, the music, or the air conditioning.

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