Aadhaar no longer mandatory for KYC process for Mobile


If you have provided your Aadhaar number to your telecom service provider, then prepare yourself to give another proof of identity. The Supreme Court, last week, has ruled down Section 57 of the Aadhaar Act, stating that private companies from now on cannot ask for Aadhaar cards as an identity proof from the consumers. Although the Supreme Court has ruled out this act, but even after that, Telecom Service Provider has still been sending messages to their users to link their Aadhaar to the mobile number.

After this notice, telecom service provider are asked to delink the Aadhaar number from the mobile numbers, hence, whosoever’s number is linked with their Aadhaar will now have to provide a different identification proof. UIDAI on Monday asked all the telecom service providers to come up with a plan within a fortnight. They have asked everyone to start with the de-linking process and start with fresh KYC process within six months to avoid deactivation.

After the circulation for this notice, UIDAI has made it very clear with all the TSPs that they will no longer be able to ask for Aadhaar number in order to issue a new SIM card and also for re-verification of old users who have submitted Aadhaar number as their main proof of identity.

TSPs are asked to submit an action plan to the authority by October 15. UIDAI has also asked all the mobile operators to inform everyone about the process of de-linking their Aadhaar number.

A lot of concerns were raised about sharing Aadhaar details to private companies, this notice will prevent private companies from asking Aadhaar details and will also omit many concerns concerning data collection and breach by numerous firms.

In the upcoming days, a lot more clarification will be provided. Aadhaar may not become mandatory to apply for passport but those who seek to avail the Tatkal facility, Aadhaar will still remain mandatory.

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