Amazon Great Indian Festival and Flipkart Big Billion Days sales: Here are tips to find best deals

The best time of the year for shoppers has kicked off. The Flipkart Big Billion Days sale and the Amazon Great Indian Festival sale will bring a host of discounts on a range of products. There are plenty of deals to grab. You will see some of them handpicked by us and some on other website, but there are still many deals that remain unexplored. So what if you have to look for the best deal for yourself?

This is a guide on how can make the best of your experience searching for a deal and making sure you learn an important method of online shopping, especially during the Big Billion Days and Great Indian Festival sales.

Comparing deals

You do not just go to a website, see the deal right there on your screen, and hit the buy button before giving it a second thought. I mean sometimes it is necessary to be all quick when a deal is too good to miss but otherwise, you should hold off for a while. You should instead compare the price of that product on different websites to get the idea of the lowest price. Not only the price but you should also check for discounts, cashback, and EMI offers, overall deal on that product on different websites. Then, you should decide which one to go for.

Searching well

The biggest task you might think about online shopping is searching for the deals. What if I tell you it is not that hard? All you must do is navigate the website a little smartly. This means that if you are looking for a smartphone deal, go to the specific category page on Flipkart or Amazon to see what all is there. You will a slew of smartphone deals with cashback and discount offers on them right there on the page. Moreover, you can use search for a specific item that you think you want. There are multiple categories on both Flipkart and Amazon, you just have to be selective about the one you want.

Prepare yourself beforehand

Usually when these sales begin, there are chances some limited-period deals will go out of stock in no time. While you cannot control that, you can avoid being left out. To do that, you should prepare yourself beforehand. This means getting ready with your card details, address, phone numbers fed into your account on Flipkart or Amazon. You need to arrive early for a sale, say, if the sale begins at 12 pm, you must be ready by 11.58 am by logging in to the website. If you have chosen your product and it is not a part of the flash sale, add it to your cart before the sale begins to avoid the rush.

Flash sales are good

You might end up cursing flash sales for their lightning-fast nature but they are actually good. The reason is you can buy some of the best smartphones or laptops or gaming consoles or other items for the lowest price in these sales. Not just that, these products are high in demand, which is why they are put on sale with limited stocks. There is not an easy way to avoid the rush of the flash sales but what you can do is be quick and prepared with everything else.

Use online payments

When you use your credit or debit card, you get the maximum discount — something using the cash-on-delivery option will not get you. There are partner banks for these sales every year, for example, HDFC Bank on Amazon and SBI on Flipkart. The maximum discount is available on credit cards but if you do not have one but own a debit card instead, do not fret. You will still get a good discount.

Buy memberships

For members, the sales begin at least 12 hours early. So, it is recommended that you subscribe to Amazon Prime and Flipkart Plus memberships to get the best of the sales. For members, the discounts on bank cards are also the maximum. For example, the early sales for these members see a discount of Rs 1,750 on credit cards, which is the maximum you can get during this sale period. After the regular sales begin, the discount cap will be Rs 1,500 on using credit cards of partner banks.

Keep an eye on your budget

Whatever the deal may be, you must keep a tab on how much you are spending. Do not overshoot your budget just because the deal looks scrumptious. You must keep in mind these discounts return in some or the other way, although that might take some time. I would suggest you go for a product that fits your budget, and, of course, the one that gets you maximum discounts.

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